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Getting Pre School prep ready

We are getting toward the end of the new, movable, Preschool “structured” learning area. I have used one table for all the kids for years. I found these three little matching tables and got an idea.
So, when I announce “Time for school”, each child gets their small table, their chair and their own Color organized preschool learning storage container (Preschool workbook, dry erase board, folder for completed work, crayons, markers, color pencils and glue sticks) They absolutely love it. We did some maze practice sheets, “what is different’, “what is the same” and threw in a couple coloring pages.

Outside play is always a lot of fun. Tie between the bounce house and the large sandbox right now.

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Welcome to our new family.

We welcomed a new family, into our family, today. An infant and a preschooler. One, I am sure you can guess which, had an incredibly fun day, as you will see in these photos. He was welcomed very nicely by everyone. He wasn’t shy at all and tried out just about every play thing outside and some inside.
Even Mom joined in the new bounce house fun. I love it.
I hope you had a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you each day.
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Little ones and no School day

I haven’t started any form of preschool learning yet (waiting on a new child starting soon). But yesterday, two of my little ones wanted to “Do school” so we focused on a couple of letters but mostly they colored. We also had fun playing with the homemade play duh that my substitute Lisa made. It is great, never seems to dry out.
Today is a day off from School, so extra kiddos. We have been super busy having fun. One thing the kids loved doing was the bubble wrap. They tried squeezing it, rolling it, but nothing worked until they stomped on it.
I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I normally do, but you get an idea.
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A day of new adventures. We got some new ride on toys, a new swing made of rope-the kids love it. We also had children doing construction, sliding, swinging/Jumping off and hiding in their fort, under the trampoline. A few children took to the water table today, dumping water on their arms. A big hit was the game of tag, everyone got involved. Then we cooled down the day with some see saw and sandbox fun.


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Slip and Slide

We had a surprise for the kids today. My daughter set it up and the kids loved it. Well, not one of my toddlers and obviously I didnt put the baby on it.


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As you may remember, I post the days information on here, but all photos are now posted on my Facebook page..

Another great, fun, amazing day at Daycare. I haven’t taken pictures in quite some time, so today was the day. A typical day of swings, climbers, sand box, bikes, right?
Well, that was until Gymnastics started and the large balls came into play. The kids headed toward each other and met in the middle.

Glad I had the chance to take these today. My parents love it, because I can share what their child(ren) do all day while they have to be away.

Another awesome day.

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