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Pre School February 9 2016

Today the toddlers worked on “Keeping teeth healthy” with foods, brushing & flossing. We also worked on the letter “O” which seemed to come quickly when I showed them it was just like a Circle. They did a color page of an “Ostrich” and for a craft they colors the BIG “O”, added streamers and tentacles for their “Octopus”. We also played some memory games, reviews of prior learning and more. Outside it was a bit chilly, but we toughed it out for a little while.
When the School kids arrived, it was even colder, so feet and hands got cold quite quickly.

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School Snow Day

Today there was no school due to snow. I didn’t understand it when they called school off at the time, I sure do now.

We had a lot of inside play, then it was time for me to try to get some snow cleared from the driveway. We all got bundled up (not an easy chore) and went out in the snow. They managed to create a new path for sledding, but the younger two.  They preferred to play in the bus/car and make footprints in the snow.  Even the bunny joined us.

We were out for a good amount of time, then in for hot chocolate.

Another great day.

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Thanks to a great idea from a parent, the pictures that are no longer uploaded here (for now anyway) ARE uploaded onto the Facebook “Lil’ Caboose Child Care Gorham” Page. So parents can see what is happening.


A great day outside today and a really fun pre schoool lesson.
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Welcome to February. With a new month we have a new Curriculum from CAC. The color of the month is Pink and we continue practicing letters, numbers and so much more.

Today we worked on feelings during pre school. The feelings of being happy, excited, mad, upset, frustrated etc, and how to deal with them. This is a difficult concept for 2.5 year olds (It can be at any age really). We practiced our daily Alphabet song and counting.  We worked with wooden puzzles, that are easy for little hands to grasps. They did really well. There was dancing and movement as well as relaxed time with books. Although, since I rearranged the Daycare room, so it is a large open set up, the kids would rather run, run, run.

We spent at least an hour outside after Pre school , even playing on the playground equipment because there is not too much snow left. The weather was in the 40’s and really nice.

Once the older kids got here from School they all painted beautiful, creative pictures. It doesn’t look like we will be able to go sledding on our kills until we get our next snow. Not that I am wishing for it.

Another great day.

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The younger kids and I worked on several craft projects, as well as a new Letter, “N”.  Due to the weather being so cold they each made a Penguin, the kids had a big part in decorating them themselves. With the letter “N” we went over many words that begin with the letter/sound, including my name, as well as a Nest. That brings up another craft where they places eggs into a nest craft. We made pasta “N”ecklaces as well.  This was structured CAC pre school.

As always we continued to do play based learning.  We practiced our new letter whenever we saw anything that started with the “N” sound.  As well as black, from the Penguin, they sure know that color.

We had puzzles, games, movement, lunch, books, naps, outside play and more.


Another great day.

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Today (my 2.5 year olds) pre school was a combination of the CAC and play based learning.  We worked on the number 8 using worksheets, building blocks and markers. We also worked on Healthy eating, the heart, fruits and Vegetables and how they all relate. This fit in very nicely with the 5021 meeting I had yesterday.  I got to use much of that material.

While working on the heart portion, I had a lot of fun with this. we watched a child’s video on what the heart is and how it works.  I showed them where their heart is located and the video told them it makes a “pump, pump” sound. I helped them feel their own heartbeat,  had them run around, then had them feel it again.  They laughed when they felt how fast it was beating.

We also watched a video on healthy foods vs unhealthy foods, (specifically fruits and vegetables).

Free play, dance and movement, outside, books, lunch, books, naps, play.

Then all bundled up and outside to meet the bus and play in the snow. Sledding wasn’t so much fun because the snow is frozen over.  So we played on the play equipment out front and just in the snow.

Another great day.

Unfortunately I still do not have the means to post photos, however, I would still like to keep parents informed about our days.

While the older children were in School, the little ones and I worked on colors, numbers, shapes, building, puzzles, coloring and more- We did it play based style.   Here the learning continues throughout the day. Any opportunity to teach/learn it not passed up. Then outside play for 30 minutes.

Following our daily schedule, we had lunch and the little ones went down for naps.

While they were napping I had a visitor. I had a meeting scheduled with Ashley from the 5021 program.  I was given the most current materials and a refresher course. It is a great program around nutrition, Screen time, activity etc.

When the older children came off the bus we were already outside waiting for them.  There was sledding (we have two great hills at my house). There was actual play on the play ground equipment, so the snow hasn’t buried them yet.

And that is just a quick summary, as it is not possible to list everything we did throughout the day.


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