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These picture were taken on Thursday, but as always, I took to many and had to go through them to reduce them. As you can see there was lots of swimming, which the kids were thrilled with. They were beyond excited when I took the pool out of the box and blew it up. They also played in the bounce house as well as the Sandboxes. My littlest was awake in the carriage one minute and literally one minute later he was sound asleep. Then I had a little one that decided it was winter I guess and changed his Summer cap for a Winter hat. My other little one found some black shoes and insisted that she climb the slide with them on.  And everyone loved the Guinea Pig. Just an all around great day.

Another awesome day at Lil’ Caboose. Enjoy the pictures.


IMG_4924 IMG_4933 IMG_4938 IMG_4939 IMG_4941 IMG_4944 IMG_4946 IMG_4947 IMG_4948 IMG_4951 IMG_4953 IMG_4954 IMG_4957 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4962 IMG_4964 IMG_4966 IMG_4968 IMG_4970 IMG_4972 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4981 IMG_4983 IMG_4992 IMG_4993 IMG_4994 IMG_4995 IMG_5001 IMG_5002 IMG_5006 IMG_5007 IMG_5009 IMG_5011 IMG_5013 IMG_5019 IMG_5029 IMG_5030 IMG_5032 IMG_5038 IMG_5040 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5044 IMG_5045 IMG_5046 IMG_5047 IMG_5048 IMG_5049 IMG_5050 IMG_5051 IMG_5052 IMG_5054 IMG_5059 IMG_5061 IMG_5064 IMG_5066 IMG_5068 IMG_5069 IMG_5071

I only had two little ones on Friday, so I decided instead of playing around here we would go on a last minute field trip. Any more than two, would have been CRAZY.  I looked at a few sites and decided on Smiling Hills Farm. RF and BC had an incredibly amazing time. The animals, climb on structures, feeding the animals, lunch and Ice cream. Wish I could have taken all my kiddos.
Another great day at “Smiling Hills”/Lil’ Caboose.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4725 IMG_4726 IMG_4727 IMG_4728 IMG_4729 IMG_4731 IMG_4738 IMG_4740 IMG_4745 IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4754 IMG_4756 IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4762 IMG_4767 IMG_4772 IMG_4779 IMG_4781 IMG_4792 IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4798 IMG_4800 IMG_4802 IMG_4803 IMG_4804 IMG_4807 IMG_4808 IMG_4809 IMG_4815 IMG_4818 IMG_4822 IMG_4828 IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4840 IMG_4844 IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4851 IMG_4855 IMG_4858 IMG_4865 IMG_4866 IMG_4870 IMG_4873 IMG_4874 IMG_4876 IMG_4888 IMG_4889 IMG_4895 IMG_4897 IMG_4901 IMG_4902 IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4909 IMG_4915 IMG_4917

The weather was quite hot today so what did we do to help cool off??? We broke out the Sprinkler.. What a blast between that and the bounce house. The girls even turned the sprinkler towards them while they were swinging. Creative. We had snack on the grass. Played in the Sandbox, on the ride on toys and so much more.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose Child Care.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.


IMG_4590 IMG_4591 IMG_4593 IMG_4595 IMG_4600 IMG_4605 IMG_4608 IMG_4609 IMG_4610 IMG_4615 IMG_4616 IMG_4617 IMG_4625 IMG_4627 IMG_4630 IMG_4632 IMG_4633 IMG_4638 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4643 IMG_4647 IMG_4649 IMG_4652 IMG_4654 IMG_4655 IMG_4657 IMG_4665 IMG_4672 IMG_4677 IMG_4678 IMG_4680 IMG_4681 IMG_4683 IMG_4684 IMG_4685 IMG_4689 IMG_4691 IMG_4693 IMG_4697 IMG_4698 IMG_4703 IMG_4706 IMG_4709 IMG_4710


Outside May 21, 2015

Today we were so busy. We did some masterpiece type painting- outside , bike riding, sandbox, slides, friends, bounce house, Soccer, a “Cool little guy”, swings and so much more.   They had so much fun painting, we need to do that more as well as other outside activities like this.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose. Enjoy the photos.

IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4356 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4362 IMG_4364 IMG_4369 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4387 IMG_4393 IMG_4396 IMG_4398 IMG_4400 IMG_4402 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4405 IMG_4407 IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4412 IMG_4414 IMG_4418 IMG_4420 IMG_4423 IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4434 IMG_4435 IMG_4436 IMG_4438 IMG_4439 IMG_4441 IMG_4442 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4446 IMG_4449 IMG_4451 IMG_4455 IMG_4457

A beautiful day today. We spent it outside enjoying the warmth and sun while we have it.  We brought the paints outside with us, however the wind kept us from being able to paint.  There was tag, flower picking, climbing, making mud soup, showing off loose teeth and much more. And our newest addition BC, has become comfortable quickly, which is wonderful.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose.  I hope you enjoy the pictures..

IMG_4251 IMG_4256 IMG_4254 IMG_4270 IMG_4248  IMG_4258 IMG_4260 IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4268  IMG_4272 IMG_4273 IMG_4276 IMG_4278 IMG_4280 IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4286 IMG_4288 IMG_4291 IMG_4292 IMG_4295 IMG_4297 IMG_4299 IMG_4300  IMG_4305 IMG_4306 IMG_4307 IMG_4309 IMG_4310   IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4319 IMG_4320 IMG_4323 IMG_4327 IMG_4304 Bentley may 14 IMG_4316 IMG_4314

Today we want to welcome BC to our Daycare family.  He and JP were inseparable all day. We were outside all day, again, except for lunch and rest. Everyone was all Sun screened, Sun hatted and protected. Hoping to get the canopies up tomorrow for shade.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose. Enjoy the photos.

IMG_4142 IMG_4143 IMG_4149 IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4161 IMG_4162 IMG_4165 IMG_4166 IMG_4167 IMG_4168 IMG_4169 IMG_4172 IMG_4174 IMG_4176 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4181 IMG_4185 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189 IMG_4191 IMG_4192 IMG_4201 IMG_4204 IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4207 IMG_4208 IMG_4209 IMG_4210 IMG_4212 IMG_4213 IMG_4220 IMG_4221 IMG_4224 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4230 IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4238 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4247 IMG_4242 IMG_4243 IMG_4245

The whole gang was here today. It wasn’t nearly as nice out today as it was yesterday, but everyone dressed warm, accordingly for the weather and out we went. We spent the entire morning outside, like yesterday. Then lunch, rest and back outside. It did get quite chilly as the afternoon went on, but the kids were kept warm by running around playing kick ball and a blind fold game where thy have to find people just from where their voice is. And there were swings, bikes, sandbox and so much more. Hopefully they are all tired out for you tonight…

Enjoy the photos. And I love to hear feedback.

Our Mascot “Molly”

DSCN3996 DSCN3999 DSCN3997 DSCN3998   DSCN4004   DSCN4007 DSCN4012 DSCN4013     DSCN4021 DSCN4024 - Copy    Water Jug DSCN4026 DSCN4027 DSCN4029 DSCN4030 DSCN4031 DSCN4033 DSCN4036 DSCN4039  DSCN4041 DSCN4046 DSCN4047 DSCN4054 DSCN4056  DSCN4051 DSCN4052   DSCN4058 DSCN4060 DSCN4064 DSCN4066 DSCN4067 DSCN4068 DSCN4073 DSCN4075 DSCN4077  DSCN4079 DSCN4080 DSCN4082 DSCN4086 DSCN4094 DSCN4097 DSCN4099 DSCN4101  DSCN4105   DSCN4110 Room for three in the jogger?  DSCN4113 DSCN4115


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