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A day of new adventures. We got some new ride on toys, a new swing made of rope-the kids love it. We also had children doing construction, sliding, swinging/Jumping off and hiding in their fort, under the trampoline. A few children took to the water table today, dumping water on their arms. A big hit was the game of tag, everyone got involved. Then we cooled down the day with some see saw and sandbox fun.


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Slip and Slide

We had a surprise for the kids today. My daughter set it up and the kids loved it. Well, not one of my toddlers and obviously I didnt put the baby on it.


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Another great, fun, amazing day at Daycare. I haven’t taken pictures in quite some time, so today was the day. A typical day of swings, climbers, sand box, bikes, right?
Well, that was until Gymnastics started and the large balls came into play. The kids headed toward each other and met in the middle.

Glad I had the chance to take these today. My parents love it, because I can share what their child(ren) do all day while they have to be away.

Another awesome day.

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Carter’s last Week

This week we said good-bye and good luck to Carter. He has been with us for 2 years and is part of our Daycare family. He is going into a completely new, Center based environment.


We wish him all the best. We will miss you Mr. Carter.


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Snow today… Can you believe it? We had quite the busy day full of fun learning activities and play too. We did some crafts, making cotton balls into clouds and Honeycomb cereal into a bee hive. We also did “pick the matching people’ worksheet, colored a horse. Fine motor skills also included practicing how to hold a writing utensil to write or draw then practiced writing the first letter of their name.
I got a few new toys/activities which you can see. J really, REALLY liked the vacuum and both R’s enjoyed the new, fun table. They even drove cars on it.

Another great day.

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Daycare April 21, 2016


Once again, another great day here. Like yesterday, we spent most of the day outside enjoying the wonderful weather.  It was a tiny bit chilly when we got out there, but within 30 minutes’ coats were off, the Sunscreen was piled on, water jugs filled and on with the morning playing. You will see I captured our activities for the most part (Sandbox, climbers, ride on toys, ball play, had a sweeping helper, lots of swinging etc.)


Inside for lunch and rest then right back out. This time it was even hotter out. We aren’t quite ready for summer yet, so we improvised. The three little ones wore shirts and very fancy bottoms (Diapers). Got the Sunscreen on again, filled up the water again and spent the rest of the day enjoying the nice weather.


Another great day!

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