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Our Halloween party:
We had our annual Halloween party this week.
My daughter, her friend and I decorated the entire room with lights on every wall and staircase, light up rope lights, strings of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, blow ups, fog machine ,lanterns and so so much more. The kids loved it. I tried to capture pictures of the room but they don’t show the real effects.
We had Elsa, A Penguin, Raggedy Ann, a Lion, A skeleton, Mickey Mouse and Iron Man. I was a Purple Witch.  We ate great treats, thank you parents, we did crafts, (we didn’t have time to do all the crafts I had planned). Then we had music and dancing and just movement. At the end of the party I gave each child a special Trick or treat back that I picked for then specifically. We have Paw Patrol, My little Pony, Spiderman, Star wars and Hello Kitty, each with a goodie bag inside. My youngest two are too young to know what was going on, but did get something as well.
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Kiddie GYM 10/21/2016

Just posted about our day at the kiddie GYM.


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Okay, here is the reorganization, rearranging I have been talking about. Myself and the kids LOVE it. We play with something new almost every day. Play-doh seems to be a daily though.

First, brand new rugs, I have added a refrigerator, microwave and a snack cupboard. This makes things a lot more convenient. We have snack and lunch in that room. We actually have a “set up” and “clean up” routine.

The Purple wall is some of our learning materials. The kids own Pre school boxes (bottom shelf), letters, numbers, colors, shapes puzzles, learning books and more. Also, on the Purple wall is the “little home” area, with a kitchen (food/pots), washer/dryer, baby crib, high chair, babies, baby clothes/bottles,, vacuum/broom, little people playhouse, mailbox, and more.

The Orange wall has our shelves for toys, puppets, tools, little people, infant/toddler learning toys, TV & VCR, doll house, barbies (clothes and furniture), our snack cupboard. This wall also has our number worm, color numbers, children’s names, and color splats

The yellow wall has board games, box games, most of our fine/gross motor skill building tools (scissors, glue, play-doh, cookie cutters for play-doh (letters & numbers too), foam stickers, variety of writing supplies (markers, bingo markers, crayons, color pencils), sewing boards and beads, crafts. Also, our Fish “Haymish”, climbing/crawling mats, the children’s chairs and own “desks”, for structured learning. The wall also has numbers/shapes/colors.

The Green/Orange corner has our comfy couch, for reading (yes we do. It also has a child size couch right in front of it (pink cover), we have the farm, the ball popper, elephant wind balls, learning farm for certain blocks, our CD player for our many children’s music choices etc.

This is a quick look at some of the projects I have been doing in the Daycare room. I hope you like it as much as the kids and I do.

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So, what did we do on a Friday (a week ago) when I only had two kiddos? When it was the older two, earlier this summer, we went to York’s Wild Kingdom. But with the younger ones, we went to SMILING HILL FARM for the day. We had such a great time. There is still animals to see and feed, just not as many right now. I was very surprised my little one wasn’t afraid of the goats. We fed as many animals as we could, climbed on play things and even had 3 sheep/goat clean out the crumbs left behind in the carriage.


An “A” day during “Structured learning”. The kids were given their very own storage boxes with their own Learning supplies. They were incredibly excited to see what was inside. They each got their own “Brain Quest” pre school learning book, a dry erase board, crayons, markers, colored pencils and a folder for their work. And, each child has their own color, so each item in their own learning box match. Next they went over and got their desk and chair.
Then, naturally, we began with the first letter of the alphabet.

We started in the workbook, but moved over to the dry erase board, where we stayed for quite some time. The children LOVED the dry erase boards. We walked through many simple step by step techniques, then not so simple and so on. By the time we had done several activities the two 3 year olds were writing a capital “A” on their own. We were all SO excited. We practiced “A”, Aa, Apple”.
Then you can see one of the kids putting his learning box, back on the shelf.

I gave them the choice of crafts and they chose “Apple” (I was hoping for Ant, I had those materials prepared).

And that was just part of our fun day. Outside we went.

Another great day.

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Getting Pre School prep ready

We are getting toward the end of the new, movable, Preschool “structured” learning area. I have used one table for all the kids for years. I found these three little matching tables and got an idea.
So, when I announce “Time for school”, each child gets their small table, their chair and their own Color organized preschool learning storage container (Preschool workbook, dry erase board, folder for completed work, crayons, markers, color pencils and glue sticks) They absolutely love it. We did some maze practice sheets, “what is different’, “what is the same” and threw in a couple coloring pages.

Outside play is always a lot of fun. Tie between the bounce house and the large sandbox right now.

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