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My Laptop is out for repair so I am in hopes of having the BLOG up and running again sometime soon.


You probably have noticed that there have been no new BLOG posts/pictures done by me. The reason for this is that my laptop got dropped and is unusable. As soon as I figure out what I’m going to do, regarding all options about a laptop, I will again be publishing the BLOG.

Thank you

Monday in “Structured Pre School”, because as you know, we learn throughout the day as well, we talked about emotions and the many different ones. The two children did coloring pages, which turned into a book and we practiced the faces people might make when they are feeling a certain emotion.  We  went over “A”, “0” and “BLUE” since that is what we have been working on. The exercise for the day was “Twisting side to side”. Next, we went down back and went Apple Picking, Crabapples that is. “A” is the letter we have been working on so we kept repeating “A-Apple”. At first they were a bit nervous, I think because the apples were harder to pull off the tree then they may have thought. But they both did a great job of picking after they got the hang of it.  Once we had had enough of that, we stayed outside and played. I had gotten a new bike and they wanted to try it out.  Out came the parachute, which isn’t easy for two little ones. But they jumped on it, fell and laughed on it. Even ended up in a tug-of-war over it. And much more outside fun. When the older kids got off the bus, we headed back down for some more Apple picking.

DSCN6213 DSCN6214 DSCN6216 DSCN6218 DSCN6222 DSCN6223 DSCN6225 DSCN6226 DSCN6229  DSCN6233 DSCN6232 DSCN6235 DSCN6237 DSCN6239 DSCN6243  DSCN6246 DSCN6247 DSCN6245DSCN6249 DSCN6250 DSCN6252 DSCN6253 DSCN6254 DSCN6255 DSCN6256 DSCN6257 DSCN6259 DSCN6261 DSCN6262 DSCN6263 DSCN6264 DSCN6266 DSCN6267 DSCN6268 DSCN6269 DSCN6273 DSCN6274  DSCN6278 DSCN6277 DSCN6283 Carter 2 DSCN6285 DSCN6290 DSCN6291 DSCN6293

We having be learning the letter “A” (Apple, Acorn, Ant). We have been learning the color “Blue” The shape of a “Circle” as well as tracing dots to make a line. A daily exercise, fine motor skill practice, adding beads to a string, and so much more.  Keep in mind these children are starting pre-school at two years old, not three when most kids start. They are getting a great start, and they do their very best, while having fun. They love, love, love making the craft that come with the curriculum, as well as ones I create. This is one of the most rewarding occupations when you watch children grown and learn before your eye.


BLUE DSCN6019 DSCN6022 Stringing BLUE beads (great fine motor skill practice)DSCN6024 DSCN6025 DSCN6028 DSCN6029 So proud of the necklace he madeDSCN6031 DSCN6057 DSCN6060 DSCN6061 Twisting exercise for the dayDSCN6064 DSCN6067 DSCN6070 AcornDSCN6073 AcornDSCN6075 DSCN6077 DSCN6078 DSCN6079 AcornDSCN6080 DSCN6081 Line Tracing DSCN6082 DSCN6083 DSCN6084


Tuesday was the First day of school for my second Graders, Kindergartener and my pre- schoolers. I did my normal first day of school pictures and getting on the bus. It actually went very well. Once they were on the bus it was time to start our new pre-school Curriculum. This is specific for 2 year olds. We concentrate on certain letters, numbers and Color per month. September is A,B & C. 0 & 1. And the color BLUE. First day we went over a “Friendship Wreath”. It lists five toddler activities they can practice to be a good friend (sharing/hugs etc). Then the next step was to color in the hands that made the wreath, using many different colors. Also they did free coloring. As you know, we continue to learn throughout the day. Next was playing. Then our normal days routines. Later in the day, we waited for the other kiddos to return back from school on the bus. Then the tents came out and everyone played in those.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose. Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_5600 IMG_5608 IMG_5609 IMG_5612 IMG_5615 IMG_5623 IMG_5620 IMG_5627 IMG_5628 IMG_5629 IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5659 IMG_5653 IMG_5651 IMG_5650 IMG_5649 IMG_5644 IMG_5648 IMG_5641 IMG_5640 IMG_5638 IMG_5635 IMG_5664 IMG_5662 IMG_5667 IMG_5668 IMG_5671 IMG_5672 IMG_5673



A day at the Library

I wasn’t able to post our trip to the Library the day we went. I am still trying to figure out photos on my phone.  But here they are.  Enjoy!

20150728_111751 20150728_111812 20150728_111912 20150728_112030 20150728_112040 20150728_112049 20150728_112211 20150728_112235 20150728_112456 20150728_112518 20150728_112709 20150728_112724 20150728_112922 20150728_113426 20150728_113442 20150728_113550 20150728_113725 20150728_113752 20150728_113808 20150728_114148 20150728_114705

I had fewer children today so they could all fit in my SUV.  So, we loaded up the car and headed to Kawanis Lake.  We only spent a couple hours and headed back for rest time then outside play.

IMG_5270 IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5213 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5219 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5226 IMG_5227 IMG_5229 IMG_5230 IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5236 IMG_5237 IMG_5238 IMG_5242 IMG_5239 IMG_5241  IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5251 IMG_5249  IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5260 IMG_5265  IMG_5273 IMG_5276 IMG_5281 IMG_5288 IMG_5289 IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_5297


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