Happy Mother’s Day to my Daycare Moms (a day early).  My kids were so excited to make these gifts for their Moms. We started off with a folder, the kids all decorated a frame that has their photo in it, they also drew a picture of their Mothers and the favorite of all parents- we did a questionnaire of how the kids see their parent. “What is Mom’s age”. “what does Mommy like to do”, “what’s the best thing your Mommy cooks” etc…  I laminated the questionnaire once they were completed and taped then into the folder. The Mom’s were so happy with their Mother’s Day gifts.

Another great day!

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More Outside Fun

The weather was wonderful the past couple days. We spent most of the days out on the playground. “B” was practicing the long jump on the grass and in the sandbox. “E”, “E” & “G” tried to climb the poles on the swing set. “A” made a great shark sculpture. “H” made an awesome castle. We played in the sandbox for quite a while.  “E” really enjoyed himself, as he got covered in sand. Then we have the dogs. Max & Seamus love to hang out around the kids and the kids love it as well. Seamus decided to help the kids dig holes in the sandbox (two videos).

Another great day!!! Click the link to view the photos.

Random Photos April 24, 2020

We started out with using our new Orbeez. The kids really love them. They hid dinosaurs and army men and other children had to feel around and find them. We moved outside and made sand castles, cupcakes (sand) played kick ball, spun on swings and so much more, After lunch & naps we headed back outside. This time the kids found a creepy crawler, a worm. Most of you know I am not a fan of anything that creeps, crawls, slithers, has 8 legs or even flies. But the kids loved the worm. Just a fun day all around.

Another great day!! Please leave any comments so I can see what you all think.

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