Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars Craft/Painting

I know how much K likes to paint so we combined two crafts.  She first painted two toilet paper rolls in any colors she wanted.  As she did this we named the colors and what “Other” colors were being made in the process. Once she was finished painting her rolls they needed time to dry.  As they were drying K wanted to continue to use the paints, so I gave her a piece of Card stock and she painted a picture.  Once the rolls were dry, I hot glued them together.  Then I cut a hole on each of the rolls, on the outside, so that we could hang a string from them.  Next we connected the yarn and K had her Binoculars to play with. She enjoyed playing with them.   She used many fine motor skills during these activities as well as going over the colors.  Her favorite was the Aqua Blue color.