Paper Pumpkins

Today we walked down to our own Pumpkin patch down back.  Then we came in and cut pumpkins out of paper and decorated them with paint and google eyes. I learned where the kids need to work on their fine motor skills, such as using scissors.  It was great practice for them.  Most of the children made cuts in the paper from the sides.  One child actually did cut theirs out in the shape of a circle.  It was a great learning experience for me as well.  I now  know I would like to have the children use scissors more.  They loved using the paints and seeing what happens when you mix two or more colors.  They also enjoyed using the glue sticks.

We also had free Arts &  Crafts time.  Some chose to use stickers to make crafts, other used pre made wands and decorated them with paint and also with stickers and pom poms. 

We took advantage of the great weather and played outside a lot today.