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Construction paper Turkeys

Today the kids made Turkeys out of construction paper.  I cut out the body and head from brown construction paper. I then cut strips of paper in various colors for the feathers.  The children glued the strips of colored construction paper onto the back edge of the turkey body.  Then they folder the piece of construction paper over so the ends met and they glued it in place.  Once the feathers were done they glued on the head and beak then decoration their turkey with markers any way they liked.   The children used their motor skills to glue, folder and hold the markers.

Was finally able to get the pictures uploaded.


Finger Painting/Mixing Colors

I had a small crew today and we experimented with colors.  We did some finger painting. First we used Red paint, then added  Blue paint then added Green and then Purple. As you can see the kids just had fun mixing all the colors together and creating their own project.  It got a bit messy, but thanks for washable paints.


Rice Art Oct 12, 2011


Today we used some of the colored rice we made last week and made Rice pictures.  We used Elmers glue on some construction paper then put the paper in a bucket and sprinkled (or dumped) some colored rice over the paper.  The rice stuck to the glue, so far, I hope it continues to.  The kids were very excited to give their pictures to their parents. 

This was a fun activity and used some of their motor skills to squeeze the glue (some needed a little help) and also to sprinkler or pure the rice.  We also talked about all the colors. I hope you enjoy them.