Our Day- Monday February 2016

Welcome to February. With a new month we have a new Curriculum from CAC. The color of the month is Pink and we continue practicing letters, numbers and so much more.

Today we worked on feelings during pre school. The feelings of being happy, excited, mad, upset, frustrated etc, and how to deal with them. This is a difficult concept for 2.5 year olds (It can be at any age really). We practiced our daily Alphabet song and counting.  We worked with wooden puzzles, that are easy for little hands to grasps. They did really well. There was dancing and movement as well as relaxed time with books. Although, since I rearranged the Daycare room, so it is a large open set up, the kids would rather run, run, run.

We spent at least an hour outside after Pre school , even playing on the playground equipment because there is not too much snow left. The weather was in the 40’s and really nice.

Once the older kids got here from School they all painted beautiful, creative pictures. It doesn’t look like we will be able to go sledding on our kills until we get our next snow. Not that I am wishing for it.

Another great day.

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Our Day: Friday January 29 2016

The younger kids and I worked on several craft projects, as well as a new Letter, “N”.  Due to the weather being so cold they each made a Penguin, the kids had a big part in decorating them themselves. With the letter “N” we went over many words that begin with the letter/sound, including my name, as well as a Nest. That brings up another craft where they places eggs into a nest craft. We made pasta “N”ecklaces as well.  This was structured CAC pre school.

As always we continued to do play based learning.  We practiced our new letter whenever we saw anything that started with the “N” sound.  As well as black, from the Penguin, they sure know that color.

We had puzzles, games, movement, lunch, books, naps, outside play and more.


Another great day.

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Our day: Thursday January 28, 2016

Today (my 2.5 year olds) pre school was a combination of the CAC and play based learning.  We worked on the number 8 using worksheets, building blocks and markers. We also worked on Healthy eating, the heart, fruits and Vegetables and how they all relate. This fit in very nicely with the 5021 meeting I had yesterday.  I got to use much of that material.

While working on the heart portion, I had a lot of fun with this. we watched a child’s video on what the heart is and how it works.  I showed them where their heart is located and the video told them it makes a “pump, pump” sound. I helped them feel their own heartbeat,  had them run around, then had them feel it again.  They laughed when they felt how fast it was beating.

We also watched a video on healthy foods vs unhealthy foods, (specifically fruits and vegetables).

Free play, dance and movement, outside, books, lunch, books, naps, play.

Then all bundled up and outside to meet the bus and play in the snow. Sledding wasn’t so much fun because the snow is frozen over.  So we played on the play equipment out front and just in the snow.

Another great day.


Today was our Daycare Christmas Party. We were super busy the entire time. We did a ton of crafts, ate, had pictures taken, opened presents, had balloon games, went outside to get some energy out and more.  I am glad I had my two teenage “Reindeer” helping with things.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, loved their gift swap and just straight out enjoyed the day.
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IMG_8264 IMG_8263   IMG_8266  IMG_8267  IMG_8268 IMG_8269 IMG_8275  IMG_8280 IMG_8284 IMG_8291 IMG_8294 IMG_8301 IMG_8303 IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8311 IMG_8312 IMG_8313 IMG_8315 IMG_8319 IMG_8323 IMG_8326 IMG_8328 IMG_8330 IMG_8331 IMG_8335 IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8341 IMG_8343 IMG_8345 IMG_8346 IMG_8348 IMG_8353 IMG_8355 IMG_8356 IMG_8358 IMG_8360 IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8376 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8395 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8399 IMG_8400 IMG_8402 IMG_8405 IMG_8407 IMG_8411 IMG_8414 IMG_8412 IMG_8415

Our Halloween Party

Phew!!!  I am ready for a good night sleep.  We had our annual Halloween party. It was a BLAST!!  We had games, crafts, dancing, my daughter, she took over as Tigger this year,  was a great DJ (and had amazing strobe light speakers),painting, eating and so much more. All the children were able to be here, which was GREAT!!! I was very happy about that.

I think you will be able to figure out who is who, haha.

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I love this group


IMG_7085 IMG_7089 IMG_7091 IMG_7092 IMG_7098 IMG_7103 IMG_7110 IMG_7113 IMG_7116 IMG_7123 IMG_7121 IMG_7191 IMG_7204  IMG_7117IMG_7127 IMG_7128  IMG_7139 IMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7150 IMG_7152 IMG_7159 IMG_7157  IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7165 IMG_7167 IMG_7174 IMG_7178 IMG_7179 IMG_7183 IMG_7184 IMG_7185  IMG_7193 IMG_7195 IMG_7197 IMG_7200 IMG_7201  IMG_7206 IMG_7209 IMG_7214 IMG_7220 IMG_7223 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7230 IMG_7235 IMG_7236 IMG_7238 IMG_7241 IMG_7242 IMG_7244


A couple days of Pre-school “A”, “BLUE”,”Beads”, “Lines” and more

We having be learning the letter “A” (Apple, Acorn, Ant). We have been learning the color “Blue” The shape of a “Circle” as well as tracing dots to make a line. A daily exercise, fine motor skill practice, adding beads to a string, and so much more.  Keep in mind these children are starting pre-school at two years old, not three when most kids start. They are getting a great start, and they do their very best, while having fun. They love, love, love making the craft that come with the curriculum, as well as ones I create. This is one of the most rewarding occupations when you watch children grown and learn before your eye.


BLUE DSCN6019 DSCN6022 Stringing BLUE beads (great fine motor skill practice)DSCN6024 DSCN6025 DSCN6028 DSCN6029 So proud of the necklace he madeDSCN6031 DSCN6057 DSCN6060 DSCN6061 Twisting exercise for the dayDSCN6064 DSCN6067 DSCN6070 AcornDSCN6073 AcornDSCN6075 DSCN6077 DSCN6078 DSCN6079 AcornDSCN6080 DSCN6081 Line Tracing DSCN6082 DSCN6083 DSCN6084