“My Hands and Feet” Turkeys

We are inside on this cold and blustery day.  First day of Snow this year.   We made Turkeys from cut outs of the kids hands and feet, that I had traced.  The two feet became the turkey body and the four different colors of the kids hands became the feathers.  Once the body and feathers were glued together we added a face.  The kids really enjoyed seeing their hands become Turkey feathers.  They all did a wonderful job while I was tracing their hands and feet too. We are missing “M” again, who is still sick.  But we had “E”, “J” and “G” (who is Camera shy) here.


Game day, making Turkeys and outside play (Motor skills day)

Today we had a lot of fun and played a lot of games that focused around motor skills. Throwing and tossing (The Halloween games), then pinching and squeezing. We played Ants in the Pants and Bed Bugs both are fine motor skill games.  The kids loved Bed Bugs because the motor kept shutting off and that was when they could more easily squeeze their bugs.  During Art and Crafts we made little Turkeys.  It required gluing, placing the feathers correctly and coloring.  They did a great job.  Then outside play, everyone loves that… (Photos also uploaded to Snapfish)

    Turkeys L-R “E”, “J” and “M”        Frog STOMP    “M” wanted a Costume now            “E”s Sand Castles     

Construction paper Turkeys

Today the kids made Turkeys out of construction paper.  I cut out the body and head from brown construction paper. I then cut strips of paper in various colors for the feathers.  The children glued the strips of colored construction paper onto the back edge of the turkey body.  Then they folder the piece of construction paper over so the ends met and they glued it in place.  Once the feathers were done they glued on the head and beak then decoration their turkey with markers any way they liked.   The children used their motor skills to glue, folder and hold the markers.

Was finally able to get the pictures uploaded.


Spin Art Turkeys

This craft was a lot of fun.  It took us two days to complete it because of the drying time.  We used a salad spinner, paint, card stock, toilet paper rolls and face decorations.  First we cut a piece of card stock in a circle to fit into the salad spinner. Then the kids added the colors that they wanted (paint was placed in the middle fo the card stock).   Next they spun the paint very fast so the paint would spread out to the sides.  Once done spinning, that spin art was set aside to dry.  Meanwhile we painted the toilet paper rolls Brown and cut out the face decorations.  Once the spin art pictures were dry we folded them in half to make the turkey feathers (I cut a slit on two sides of the toilet paper roll to slide the “feathers” into).  The faces were added with glue and there you have our Spin Art Turkey.