Playing with Molly and Rice Play

Only had the two little ones, R & K this morning (L & E will be here later on).  The girls wanted me to let Molly, our Black Lab, in so they could play and lay with her and hug her too. They love her, she is such a good dog. So they played with her for awhile.  Then we danced, did puzzles, played and read.  Later I brought out the Colored Rice we made awhile back. I had to find an easy to clean up spot to play with it.  I hid some play toys in the bucket with a few funnels and a measureing cup.  The girls were really only interested in the measuring cup and funnel. As you can see, the funnel was not kept over the bucket, which was the goal, but you can also see that the girls were helping me to pick up the rice on the floor.  My happy helpers.  They like the rice bucket.