Second Halloween Party (for “M”)

“M” was not here with us yesterday (with no power), so I left all the games that we had played out, so he could enjoy them today.  He also did the crafts that we had done yesterday.  I saved him some special treats as well. So the only thing missing was his costume. But he didn’t seem to mind that. “M” got his turns first on everything, now everyone can play with them too.  They played for a long time yesterday….

Happy to start playing some games!!!       Throw the velcro balls onto the Felt Pumpkin pieces.   Tape the nose on the Pumpkin  Toss the balls into the Pumpkin Ring toss on witches hat       Door Hanger     Picture Frame  

Halloween Party

I had three little ones here today, one little one stayed home, sorry you missed the party “M”.  And all the treats were brought.  So even though we had no power and a small generator, we did the best party we could do with what we had.  We made some Halloween crafts and picture frame.   We had some yummy treats and drinks (Thank you Parents), we played some Halloween games- tape the nose on the Pumpkin, throw the velcro ball at the felt Pumpkin, toss the soft balls into the Pumpkin and ring toss onto the Witches hat.  We even got to play and eat lunch outside today. (This is some of the pictures. All pictures will be posted to Snapfish and I will send you an invite).

                        Oh and My Costume: 

Making Frankenstein

Since we have so much planned to do at tomorrow’s Halloween party, we did a quick craft today. I cut out 3 pieces to create a Frankenstein. The kids glued the pieces together and then colored them.  We based then on a window cling I have.  Then we read books, did colors and shapes and just played a lot.  (Gorham schools came home early today. And REMEMBER our Halloween party Tuesday Oct 30th, if we have power).

              “M”, “K” and “J”

Bottle Pumpkins

Today we got some exercise while we were making our craft.  I ran out of Orange paint for our Bottle Pumpkins so I added some red and yellow paint to each soda bottle. and it was the kids job to shake, shake, shake the bottles until the paint covered the entire inside of the bottle.  Next we used felt with the sticky back and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Once the face was on the pumpkin the children painted the bottle covers brown for a stem.  They really had fun shaking the bottles (as they danced around the room) and watching the paint cover the inside.  The kids thought this was a great craft and were so happy when I told them they could take them home.

                 From Left to Right: ‘E’, “J” AND “M”.