Our Day: Friday January 29 2016

The younger kids and I worked on several craft projects, as well as a new Letter, “N”.  Due to the weather being so cold they each made a Penguin, the kids had a big part in decorating them themselves. With the letter “N” we went over many words that begin with the letter/sound, including my name, as well as a Nest. That brings up another craft where they places eggs into a nest craft. We made pasta “N”ecklaces as well.  This was structured CAC pre school.

As always we continued to do play based learning.  We practiced our new letter whenever we saw anything that started with the “N” sound.  As well as black, from the Penguin, they sure know that color.

We had puzzles, games, movement, lunch, books, naps, outside play and more.


Another great day.

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Structured Pre-School and Outside play

Our “Structured” portion of pre-School focused on several areas. The children worked on their fine motor skill.

  • The left and right hands.
  • Drawing a straight line by following the dotted line.
  • We did a craft involving items used in a Doctor’s bag (we used our play bag as an example to they could make the connection)
  • We also made a Horse craft which required the children to not only color and use tape properly, but also learn and practice the pinching skill of a clothes pin.

Both children did GREEAAT!!!!   And as you are aware, we continue learning throughout our day.

There   are only a few outside photos, because my Memory card was full (big shocker). Always glad to be outside though.

As always, I hope you enjoy the BLOG and photos and feel free to comment.

IMG_8179 IMG_8182 IMG_8184 IMG_8188 IMG_8189 IMG_8191 IMG_8193 IMG_8195 IMG_8199 IMG_8200 IMG_8203 IMG_8204 IMG_8205 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8211 IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8214 IMG_8217 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8233 IMG_8234 IMG_8235 IMG_8236 IMG_8237



“G” Goose/Goat- Outside fun

Today during the “Structured” part of Pre-School, we worked on the color Blue, and the letter “G”, Goose and Goat. The craft was a Goat. We spent most of the day outside playing and learning. A few of the kids especially liked to rake, then jump in the pile, as well as take down the Halloween decorations. There was also a fort that got a lot of attention. And so much more.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose. Enjoy the photos. Please feel free to leave a comment, either here or on the post on Facebook. I love to read them.

IMG_7752 IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7757 IMG_7760 IMG_7764 IMG_7769 IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7783 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7798 IMG_7800 IMG_7802 IMG_7808 IMG_7809 IMG_7810 IMG_7812 IMG_7814 IMG_7820 IMG_7822 IMG_7824 IMG_7826 IMG_7828 IMG_7829 IMG_7833 IMG_7834 IMG_7836 IMG_7838 IMG_7845 IMG_7850 IMG_7854 IMG_7856 IMG_7858 IMG_7860 IMG_7865 IMG_7870 IMG_7872 IMG_7875

Our Halloween Party

Phew!!!  I am ready for a good night sleep.  We had our annual Halloween party. It was a BLAST!!  We had games, crafts, dancing, my daughter, she took over as Tigger this year,  was a great DJ (and had amazing strobe light speakers),painting, eating and so much more. All the children were able to be here, which was GREAT!!! I was very happy about that.

I think you will be able to figure out who is who, haha.

Another great day at Lil’ Caboose. Please leave a comment, if you would like. I love to read them.


I love this group


IMG_7085 IMG_7089 IMG_7091 IMG_7092 IMG_7098 IMG_7103 IMG_7110 IMG_7113 IMG_7116 IMG_7123 IMG_7121 IMG_7191 IMG_7204  IMG_7117IMG_7127 IMG_7128  IMG_7139 IMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7150 IMG_7152 IMG_7159 IMG_7157  IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7165 IMG_7167 IMG_7174 IMG_7178 IMG_7179 IMG_7183 IMG_7184 IMG_7185  IMG_7193 IMG_7195 IMG_7197 IMG_7200 IMG_7201  IMG_7206 IMG_7209 IMG_7214 IMG_7220 IMG_7223 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7230 IMG_7235 IMG_7236 IMG_7238 IMG_7241 IMG_7242 IMG_7244


“Structured part of “Pre School”/ Outside Football tossing.

In our “Structured” portion of Pre-School we worked on the letter “F” and counting on Friday. Monday we continued with the letter “F” with a “F”ox. And learning other words that begin with the letter “F” by watching and listening to some pre-school Letter videos. Those really do help quite a bit. For example it helped the children to better understand the sound a Duck makes when they see it and hear it, instead of me attempting to make to correct sounds for all animals etc.  After we were done our fox project we moved on to an entirely different subject all together.  We worked on “Hot & Cold” and what items are which. We identified objects that were hot and some that were cold. Then the fun craft project we worked on was an Ice Cream “Cold” and a Fire “Hot”. The kids clued orange crinkled paper to the fire flames and added Sprinkles to the Ice Cream (the ones that didn’t go in their mouths.)

We played outside right after naps and had even more fun wen the school aged kids got off th buss. My daughter, Gorham’s newest football player, was playing with the kids and teaching them how to pass and catch the football.

Another great day here at Lil’ Caboose. I hope you enjoy these posts and pictures. If so, please leave comments.

IMG_6957 IMG_6958 IMG_6962 IMG_6964 IMG_6970 IMG_6973 IMG_6975 IMG_6977 IMG_6979 IMG_6981 IMG_6982 IMG_6983 IMG_6985 IMG_6988 IMG_6992  IMG_7005 IMG_7001 IMG_7000 IMG_6999 IMG_7010 IMG_7013 IMG_7021 IMG_7028 IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7036 IMG_7038 IMG_7040 IMG_7045 IMG_7047

“Pre” Pre-School (2 days) Outside play

My two year olds do a “Structured” curriculum each day then continue learning throughout the day.  This is two days of them working on their projects. The first day we worked on the letter “E”, and made an “E”lephant project. They also worked on counting to two and did a Spider project with “Two” spiders on a web.  The second day we worked on sizes, Largest to Smallest. We did two papers on that subject. The kids did a great job, and used a large variety of colors. Even my littlest, who is one, does pre-school with us (sort of).

There is also outside play. We did the parachute, made a fort over the climber, rode bikes/Toys, even had a Soccer player and a very young photographer. Two of the little ones enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror as well.

We used many skills, from fine motor to large motor, listening, following directions and Learning, importance of play-even in learning, arts and crafts and more.

Another great day (or two days).  I hope you enjoy the BLOG/photos. I would love any comments you have.

IMG_6558 IMG_6561 IMG_6562 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6565 IMG_6566 IMG_6569 IMG_6572 IMG_6573 IMG_6580 IMG_6581 IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6590 IMG_6592 IMG_6594 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6606 IMG_6608 IMG_6610 IMG_6611 IMG_6615 IMG_6616 IMG_6617 IMG_6618 IMG_6622 IMG_6623 IMG_6625 IMG_6627 IMG_6630 IMG_6633 IMG_6637 IMG_6639 IMG_6644 IMG_6647 IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6655 IMG_6660 IMG_6663 IMG_6669 IMG_6673