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Dyed Pasta Necklaces

A few days ago we dyed some pasta with food coloring and Vinegar.  It needed to set a few days so that they would be completely dry.   Today each child was given a bowl of all of the color pastas and a peice of twine.  the goal was to thread the pasta onto the twine to make a necklace.  As you can imagine, this took some work.  Some got bored quicker than others.  And some needed a hand with theirs, but they all completed a necklace.  It was great for fine motor skills and we discussed color recognition.


Free Painting

This morning I asked the kids what they wanted to do.  A couple responsed with “paint”.   We didn’t have any planned activity as far as painting so it was just free painting.  I gave them a plate with all sorts of colors of paint and they just painted away.  It became rather amusing for me.  A couple of the kids were very serious about their paintings, whiles others went from painting with their brushes to finger painting to full hand painting, as you can see.  I enjoyed seeing them do this.  We discussed the colors of paint they were using, and holding the paint brush worked on their motor skills.


Clothes pin Airplanes

Another rainy day out today, so we are stuck inside.   I gave the kids choices of what we wanted to do in the morning.  The kids chose to watch a movie  (Horton hears a Who).  Then we did a lot of reading and playing.  I had a small window of time before lunch so I asked the kids (R, E, & J) if they wanted to make little airplanes.  R, didn’t answer, but I expected that, she is young.  They are so simple and quick to make, but the kids enjoyed them.  I asked L when he got home from Kindergarten if he wanted to make one, but he didn’t want to.   Hope you enjoy their newest craft.  Can be used as a clip also.                                 

Leaves and Caterpillars

Today we were stuck inside because of the not so pleasant weather.  We played some games, watched a movie (Sillyville- A movie all about Colors, and Muscic and singing)), did some puzzles, worked on our colors, read a lot, played and even made a Caterpillar on a leaf craft.   Then we all took part in making Bananna bread for the afternoon snack.


Floral Beads


Today we had a lot of fun. A friend showed me how much fun Floral beads can be (The kind that you put in Floral arrangements to keep them watered). So I started some this morning, then the kids helped me do some (Add water) and we waited until they grew. Then the kids got to play in them, they look like marbles so they were really surprized when they touched them and they were quite squishy. They loved them.


Colored Rice

Yesterday we finished making painted rice. It looks like sprinkles that go on Ice Cream, ha ha.  We ran the rice through funnels and just ran our hands through it.  The kids really liked the feel of it and we talked about the colors that were in there. I also asked what else we could do with the rice, but none of my kids had any suggestions. So I think I am going to make a bag or bottle for of rice and put some small objects inside and have the kids roll the bottle and move the bag and tell me what they are finding in there