Dyed Pasta Necklaces

A few days ago we dyed some pasta with food coloring and Vinegar.  It needed to set a few days so that they would be completely dry.   Today each child was given a bowl of all of the color pastas and a peice of twine.  the goal was to thread the pasta onto the twine to make a necklace.  As you can imagine, this took some work.  Some got bored quicker than others.  And some needed a hand with theirs, but they all completed a necklace.  It was great for fine motor skills and we discussed color recognition.


Free Painting

This morning I asked the kids what they wanted to do.  A couple responsed with “paint”.   We didn’t have any planned activity as far as painting so it was just free painting.  I gave them a plate with all sorts of colors of paint and they just painted away.  It became rather amusing for me.  A couple of the kids were very serious about their paintings, whiles others went from painting with their brushes to finger painting to full hand painting, as you can see.  I enjoyed seeing them do this.  We discussed the colors of paint they were using, and holding the paint brush worked on their motor skills.