K- Shapes and Colors

K and I worked  on Shapes and Colors today.  I gave her the box of small shapes and some Pipe Cleaners.  K loved threading the shapes onto the pipe cleaners (Great fine motor skill too).  She also just liked playing with the shapes.  She was not too happy with me when I had her pick up and put them away.  Next we tried some cutting. K is still learning how to hold and cut at the same time. I cut out some foam shapes in different colors to be used in the Bathtub to stick them to the wall.  (I saw this on another site, I do not recall the name).


Construction paper Turkeys

Today the kids made Turkeys out of construction paper.  I cut out the body and head from brown construction paper. I then cut strips of paper in various colors for the feathers.  The children glued the strips of colored construction paper onto the back edge of the turkey body.  Then they folder the piece of construction paper over so the ends met and they glued it in place.  Once the feathers were done they glued on the head and beak then decoration their turkey with markers any way they liked.   The children used their motor skills to glue, folder and hold the markers.

Was finally able to get the pictures uploaded.


Dyed Pasta Necklaces

A few days ago we dyed some pasta with food coloring and Vinegar.  It needed to set a few days so that they would be completely dry.   Today each child was given a bowl of all of the color pastas and a peice of twine.  the goal was to thread the pasta onto the twine to make a necklace.  As you can imagine, this took some work.  Some got bored quicker than others.  And some needed a hand with theirs, but they all completed a necklace.  It was great for fine motor skills and we discussed color recognition.


Spin Art Turkeys

This craft was a lot of fun.  It took us two days to complete it because of the drying time.  We used a salad spinner, paint, card stock, toilet paper rolls and face decorations.  First we cut a piece of card stock in a circle to fit into the salad spinner. Then the kids added the colors that they wanted (paint was placed in the middle fo the card stock).   Next they spun the paint very fast so the paint would spread out to the sides.  Once done spinning, that spin art was set aside to dry.  Meanwhile we painted the toilet paper rolls Brown and cut out the face decorations.  Once the spin art pictures were dry we folded them in half to make the turkey feathers (I cut a slit on two sides of the toilet paper roll to slide the “feathers” into).  The faces were added with glue and there you have our Spin Art Turkey.


Sun Catchers

Today we continued with the colors.  I read two books “Freight Train” and “Color My World”.   Both talk about and show all the Colors.  Then we made really easy, but fun, Sun Catchers.  I gave the Children each two pieces of wax Paper.  Then the children squirted paints of all sorts of colors on the bottom piece of wax paper.  They placed, or I placed, the second piece of wax paper over the top of the paint.  The children then spread the paints by pushing and pulling it, using their hands and fingers, on the top layer of wax paper.  Once the paint dried the painted portion of the wax paper, both front and back pieces,  were cut out.  Then the cut piece was put onto the window to show the children how they had just made Sun catchers.


Color Game

Today I attempted to play a Colors game.  It was my first attempt to have the kids actually sit in a circle and play a game. I had a couple interested in playing, really only playing with the fly swatters, and I had a few wanderers.  First I read the book Cat’s Colors.  Then I placed the playing mat on the floor  in the middle of the children ( On the playing mat is each color Placed in a photo pocket then taped together) then I gave them each a fly swatter.  I had printed off  5 objects that matched each color and laminated them.  The object of the game was for me to hold up a picture of an object of a certain color.  Then the kids were to use the fly swatter to hit the correct color on the playing mat.  I did try a different way of doing colors as well.  The kids pointed out the color/pictures I have all over the wall.  So we went through those and we named all the colors. 

It is difficult, sometimes,  with the ages as the littler ones really just want to play, which I totally understand. 

(I don’t think these pictures came out as well as the others and this time I used my nicer camera (because with all these activities I am going through AA batteries 2 a day. I need to invest in some rechargable ones), I am still learning how to use this camera as it is quite complicated for me.  I don’t know if it had a lot to do with the lighting in the Play room.)  Hope you can see and enjoy them.