Colorful Trees

We played outside for a bit this morning. Then we did our craft.  I did my best to cut out what resembles a tree.  Then I cut colored construction paper into small squares. The children then each pasted their tree onto a green piece of paper and also pasted the square color pieces as leaves.  They love using glue sticks here.  After our craft we just had some fun in the playroom.  Will go out again later.

          Top “M”, Botton L-R “E” & “J”       

Christmas Tree Craft

I had made these trees over the weekend with Popsicle sticks and a flat chop stick. I painted them brown and green and hot glued the popsicle sticks onto chop stick.  Today they decorated them.  The kids has a bottle of glue, yard (or Garland), circles of colored paper that I hole punched (for lights) and pom pom (for bulbs).  The kids loved this art project.  Hope you enjoy them.

And remeber that if you want to see these pictures larger, just click on them.