Ho Ho Santa’s

 Today we used construction paper, Cotton balls, glue and a black marker and made Santa Clause faces. The kids loved this craft.   I cut the pink construction paper into circles for the head, and the red paper into hat shapes and also a red nose.  The kids glued the pieces together and glued the nose on. Then the fun really began.  The children loved playing and feeling the cotton balls.  Then we spread glue over the bottom of the hat and the lower face.  The kids then placed cotton balls on the face and hat.  I then just took a black marker and made the eyes.  They really had a fun time making their Santa faces. 

I would value any feedback you may have on this entire BLOG site.  I haven’t heard a lot since I began it.   Thank you..


Hands/Foot Reindeer

Today we made Hands/Foot Reaindeers.  We traced our hands and one foot.  We used the foot for the head of our reaindeer and used the hands for the antlers.  I cut out the hands and feets and the children glued the “Antlers” onto their reindeer’s “Head”.  They then glued on the eyes and a big red nose and their reindeers were complete.