Fun with Our Body

Today during Circle time I read the book “My First Body Board Book”.  Then we talked about all the different body parts that were in the book.  Next we sang “Head, shoulders, Knees and Toes” many times over and over.  Then we stomped with our “Feet”, clapped with our “Hands”, blinked with our “eyes”,  Jumped with our “legs”,  waved with our “fingers”,  flew around with our “Arms” and turned our “Heads” side to side.  I did a little extra focusing on the head since our craft for today was a Snow Globe with a laminated head shot picture of them in it.  I hope you enjoy them. Then for the remainer of the day I just threw out body part words as the kids were using them.

Here are some photos of them using their body parts, clapping, jumping, dancing etc. And making their Head shot snow globes step by step.  First putting in the gliiter, then their picture and I poured the water.  Then when they were all playing I hot glued the covers, so hopefully they won’t leak and will stay on.  (I couldn’t get the sticky stuff off where the lable was on the jar, hope you can).