New “Bucket” recognition System (1 of 3 posts today)

A friend recommended a book for me to Read. I read hers, then went out and bought my own. (Her Pre school uses it differently, they use it as a Red, Yellow Green bucket system for behavior).  The name of the book is “Have you filled your Bucket today”. It is a great book talking about how each person has a bucket and they can fill their bucket by doing/saying nice things etc.  So, last night I went out and bought little buckets and a bag of pom poms.  I only have two children here today ages 2 & 4.  I read the book to them and explained many of the things they could do to help “Fill” their bucket with pom poms. Examples: being a good listener, helping to pick up, paying attention when we are doing a learning activity (Age appropriate considerations), doing something nice or saying somethng nice to another child or an adult etc, etc. There are so many ways that they can earn a pom pom for their buckets.  I hope that this will work as an encouragement tool.  The children get an immediate reward/recognition for things that they do. It makes them proud of themself and want to do more good things. However, they can also lose pom poms for non acceptable acts, like hitting, not listening etc. At some point I will probably add a “Reward” box so at the end of the day or week (not sure how we will count the buckets yet) they can chose a reward. If anyone has any ideas of inexpensive (I Love he Dollar stores) reward ideas, or wants to donate any, please let me know. Thank you.  “J” and “M” both earned a pom pom this morning for being good listeners during the time I read the “Bucket book”.  ( I would love to hear your feedback about this new tool).