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Field Trip Gray Animal Farm/Game Preserve #2

We got a pass to the Gray Game Preserve and wanted to be sure to use it before the Summer is over. Which will be sooner than we think.  We all had a great time. Many animals that we didn’t get to see last time were out this time. You will se many, but not all, of the animals we observed. An Alpino Raccoon, Black Bear, Turtles, Fish Hachery, The Fisher, a Skunk, owls, Eagles, a Peacock, Deer, Turtles, a Linx.  We didn’t see the Moose, Fox or the Mountain Lion this time though. Another great day!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures. (for some reason, during the upload, the pictures  got out of order).


IMG_1833   IMG_1766 IMG_1787 IMG_1783 IMG_1795 IMG_1807 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1823 IMG_1810 IMG_1770 IMG_1753 IMG_1815  IMG_1775 IMG_1776 IMG_1813 IMG_1788 IMG_1769 IMG_1796 IMG_1801 IMG_1825 IMG_1802 IMG_1794 IMG_1777 IMG_1790 IMG_1762 IMG_1797 IMG_1778 IMG_1827 IMG_1816 IMG_1822 IMG_1785 IMG_1782 IMG_1814 IMG_1789 IMG_1779  IMG_1808 IMG_1804 IMG_1771 IMG_1774 IMG_1757 IMG_1763 IMG_1791 IMG_1809 IMG_1800 IMG_1806 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1832 IMG_1833

5 Parks in one day. Great fun/energy release.

Today was an amazing day, and wasn’t even a planned field trip.  We decided that we would go to the playground(s) early because weather called for showers in the afternoon.  So off we went with the kids favorite sing along CD playing. We started off in Gorham at the Great Falls School playground.  Once the five of them got tired of that one, but wanted to go to another playground, I decided to make it a “Playground(S) day”.  So next we went to Portland to Deering Oaks Park.  They have a nice playground, as well as a Duck pond with a duck house and huge sprinkler AND the best thing was, there is a wading area for kids to run around and get wet, while surprise Sprinklers pop up everywhere. (It changed a lot since I used to play there).  Onto Westbrook’s Park on Main Street for more fun and energy releasing.  Then on to what I thought was going to be the final Park of the day, was the one on Morrill Ave in Gorham, near the High School.  They have a unique car to play on, and the kids used it to “get to the grocery store” and back.  Once we were loaded back in the vehicle, I listened to how hot the kids were. So I decided to surprise them with one more park.  We went to Shaw Park in Gorham and the kids went swimming and got cooled off.  We saw Ducks, squirrels, a baby snapping turtle and a horsefly. Today was a ton of fun as well as educational. If the kids are as tired as I am, their parents should have an early night.  I took over 250 pictures and I couldn’t upload them all, but I know I did go overboard with the total I did  upload. Enjoy them!!!

IMG_1394  IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1375 IMG_1376 IMG_1378 IMG_1380 IMG_1384 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1392 IMG_1393 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400 IMG_1402 IMG_1403 IMG_1404 IMG_1405 IMG_1406 IMG_1407 IMG_1409 IMG_1410 IMG_1412 IMG_1415 IMG_1417 IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1420 IMG_1422 IMG_1424 IMG_1426 IMG_1428 IMG_1429 IMG_1430 IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1434 IMG_1436 IMG_1438 IMG_1440 IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1445 IMG_1447 IMG_1449Duck PondIMG_1450 IMG_1451Ducks IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 Duck House The Ducks  IMG_1458 THE WADING POOLIMG_1459 IMG_1461 IMG_1464 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1473 IMG_1474 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1478 IMG_1479 IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1485 IMG_1489 IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1502 IMG_1504 IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1507 IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_1513 IMG_1515 IMG_1516 IMG_1518 IMG_1521 IMG_1522 IMG_1523 IMG_1524 IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1531 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1540 IMG_1542 IMG_1543 IMG_1546 IMG_1550 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1562 IMG_1564 IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1569 IMG_1572 IMG_1573 IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1579 IMG_1581 IMG_1583 IMG_1585 IMG_1586 IMG_1588 IMG_1589 NANCY AND REAGAN PARKSTired babyIMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 IMG_1594 IMG_1595Brother & sister IMG_1596 IMG_1598 IMG_1599 IMG_1600 IMG_1601 IMG_1602 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1610Clam shell IMG_1611baby snapping Turtle IMG_1612 IMG_1614 IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1619 IMG_1623 IMG_1624Horsefly IMG_1625 IMG_1626 jASMINE PARKS JAS AND AUTUMN PARKSIMG_1627 IMG_1629 IMG_1630See you at home hug. IMG_1632 ICE CREAMIMG_1633 IMG_1635    IMG_1637  Our final stop.

Daycare Field Trip to Gray Game Preserve

Today we had planned to go to the Lake, since I had a small group, but it didn’t get as warm out as I had hoped. So instead we went to the Game Preserve in Gray. While we were there we saw Bears, Moose, Lynx, Mountain Lion, Red and Gray Fox, Fisher, Possum, Albino (white) Raccoon, Bobcat, Porcupine as well as some small animals of nature.  It was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time. By the end of our visit everyone was pretty wiped out.  Another great day! Enjoy the pictures…

IMG_1123 IMG_1260 My daughters  IMG_1255 IMG_1254 IMG_1253 IMG_1252 IMG_1251 IMG_1237 IMG_1239 IMG_1235 IMG_1232 IMG_1226 IMG_1223 IMG_1220 IMG_1213 IMG_1217 IMG_1209 IMG_1208 IMG_1205 IMG_1202 IMG_1200 IMG_1199 IMG_1198 IMG_1195 IMG_1193 IMG_1191 IMG_1189 IMG_1187 IMG_1183 IMG_1177 IMG_1175 IMG_1173 IMG_1166 IMG_1164 IMG_1160 IMG_1159 IMG_1157 IMG_1155 IMG_1153 IMG_1142 IMG_1141 IMG_1135 IMG_1134 IMG_1133 IMG_1132 IMG_1130 IMG_1129 IMG_1123

Daycare Range Pond Field Trip July 18 2014

Today I took the Daycare children, as well as my daughters, on a Field trip.  We went to Range Pond in Poland. We all had a great time. There was a lot of swimming, mostly. Then there was shell and rock collecting.  We went on a walk and played at the playground.  The baby enjoyed playing with the sand toys but loved the water even more. As you will see, we were visited by a friend, a Seagull, looking for some food. The baby even managed to get a nap in. Everyone was pretty exhausted when we left, but not too tired for Ice cream.  Another awesome day!!

Enjoy the pictures… I am sure there are even more pictures, but you would not even believe the hard time I had getting them from my phone to the computer then uploaded.

20140718_145044Big kids opted out of this Picture  20140718_130315    2014071895130132 2014071895125141 2014071895125124 20140718_125836 20140718_101728  20140718_141950 20140718_141837 20140718_141824 20140718_100820 20140718_101502 20140718_101604  20140718_101130 20140718_101817 20140718_101921  20140718_102123 20140718_102143 20140718_102722  20140718_102749 20140718_102854 20140718_102906 20140718_103408 20140718_103414 20140718_103433 20140718_103549 20140718_103605 20140718_114208 20140718_110136 20140718_111834 20140718_114304 20140718_141448 20140718_114245 20140718_115248 20140718_115840 20140718_123915 20140718_141510 20140718_141728 20140718_141740 20140718_100820 20140718_101502 20140718_101604 20140718_155012 20140718_155005

New child-Getting used to here/Arts and crafts

Today we spent welcoming the most recent member to our Lil’ Caboose family.  He is 4 years old with lots of energy and curiosity, he will be with me 5 days a week. His photos will not be appearing on the BLOG.  So, again, we did a lot around our new child, getting him used to where things are located, a fire drill, he selected his chair for snacks and lunch etc.  Then was craft time. We did painting, lots of crafts, even dancing, then fun play in the Daycare room. Then played outside, until the rain hit. He was here yesterday as well, so he got very familiar with our “Play ground” as he calls it, because we were outside all day, and he had a great day, both days.  And today he had a friend here to play with.  “K” was here and the baby.  “K” was a good friend and showed him the “Ropes” and what she likes to play with.  She is always a big help with the baby too. (As a side note, my 12 year old daughter took the craft pictures for me today).  After the school kids arrived there was “Princess” play,  dancing,  and trampoline. “A” even showed off what a wonderful craft she created at School. “J” and “A”  played frozen, their newest imaginary play.  It is great to watch them have so much fun.  Another great day!!  Enjoy the pictures.




Letters/Numbers/All about me/Fish craft/Playing

Today it was just us four girls during the day. The preschoolers worked on some of their workbook pages. They even got their Certificates for completing the “All about me” section. They drew their favorite pet as well as a face, and did really well. They also did the number “5” and we did a lot of work on the letter “F”.  For a craft, I took a CD, cut two fins, a tail and a mouth out of the color construction paper that the girls chose. They glued the pieces on the correct areas, put on a google eye and as a little Special addition we added some sprinkles/glitter and they had a “F”ish. They came out really cute. The girls played with some “Slime” and we talked about the feel of it.  They especially enjoyed the noise it made as they were putting it back into the jar.

We played in the Play room for a bit, had lunch, read and rest time. Then back to the play room with so much imagination and creativity.  Which continued when the after school kids joined us.   Another great day!

On a sad note, we will be saying Good-Bye to “S” at the end of the week.  Her parent’s had an opportunity they could not turn down.

IMG_0680 “K” and “S”  IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0692  IMG_0694 IMG_0696 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0705 IMG_0707 IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0715 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0720 IMG_0725 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0733 IMG_0734

Letter H and X practice/Animals/Playing

We had a wonderful day. We spend extra time with “Pre-School” today, we just got so involved. The girls each worked on the letter that they are up to, we talked about how words sound alike and did a worksheet on those as well as a worksheet on “what does not belong”. We talked a lot about these worksheets- the colors, shapes, sounds etc. The girls love the different variety of things we are working on and they are learning. “S” had the letter H today, so after we went over the sound of the letter and many words that begin with the letter H I surprised the girls and brought out my daughters “H”ampster.  Then “K” wanted to see the bunny so I brought him out as well. “K” couldn’t wait to pet them and hold them. “S” was fine with the Hampster and a tad bit nervous when the Bunny was brought out. But she saw “K” petting him and holding him and she wanted to as well.  We had a lot of fun playing in the play room after.  Once the after school kids arrived we continued playing and having lots of fun, as you will see. And for a surprise at snack my daughter made everyone hot chocolate. The kids were so excited about that.

And just to add a personal message to one of my kids:  “S”, you did AWESOME today, with you know what”.

IMG_0214 IMG_0220       IMG_0219 IMG_0229IMG_0223 IMG_0221     IMG_0228 IMG_0224IMG_0227 IMG_0225 IMG_0233 IMG_0266 IMG_0265 IMG_0264 IMG_0263 IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0257 IMG_0255 IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0249 IMG_0247 IMG_0246 IMG_0242 IMG_0241 IMG_0239 IMG_0236 IMG_0235