Making Flowers & Outside 03/27/2020

Today we decided to get creative.  I broke out the paints, then cut the ends of the toilet paper rolls into different shapes. The kids dipped the rolls into the paint and placed it on their papers to make flowers. They also used plastic forks to make designs. They take a long time to dry unfortunately.

We headed outside for some fresh air and Kick ball. Also swinging, sandbox, see saws, shopping carts, climbers and more.

Another great day!

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Preschool and outside March 11, 2020

Wednesday was a great day. My preschoolers practice making letters with the handwriting without tears program. I am so, so proud of them, they did wonderfully, as you will see in the pictures. The little ones played on the circle time rug with the learning ball that has colors and counting.

Once we went outside the kids were in for a huge treat, we broke out the ride on toys. We weeded through them to cut down. Each child picked two that they wanted to keep, and we went with that, plus a couple extras.

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Outside play March 9 2020

Today was so beauuuutiful outside. We were out without coats on and were comfortable. I think it was a tease, but we enjoyed it. We spent the afternoon in the play yard, where you don’t run out of things to do. I was amazed at what they all ran to and stayed in for a while, the Sandbox. Sand was perfect for our building too. We played pirate ship, Tag, swings, shopping cart races, Sandbox, climbers, the NEW (old one from the daycare room) Kitchen was a huge hit and the food, as always. We had a misbehaving Rooster.  He likes to fly out of their huge pen and walk around.  The kids love seeing the birds, well some do.  While we were outside, I remembered we hadn’t had an outside Fire Drill.   So that’s just what we did, the kids did great!  And since we were all in one spot, what’s my first thought “Picture opportunity”!  So, my most recent attempt at a group photo is in the group of pictures.
The kids sure thought I was hungry today. Each one of them made me the best food and drink and kept more coming, I was stuffed.  The kids should have been exhausted.

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