Seeing New FIsh for the 1st time and Rearranged/Decorations in the Daycare room

Since we added the new fish tank to the Daycare room over the weekend, today was the first day the children got to see it. “K” is not here today, but she will see it tomorrow and I am betting she will love it as much as these two did.  “T” saw it too, but before I got my camera.  It has Dora and Nemo in the tank, as well as my daughter putting a “No Fishing” sign in it.  M” and “J” really enjoyed watching the fish swim from top to bottom and even during feeding time.   As far as the Daycare room, I like to change it around and add some things from time to time.  To get ready for the “school” season I added many posters to the walls- Colors, Shapes, numbers etc…  I have also added a computer and am in hopes of getting some learning games for the kids to play on, yet learn from.  If you have any extra, please let me know. Or any childrens music CDs you may not be using anymore.


Fun with Our Body

Today during Circle time I read the book “My First Body Board Book”.  Then we talked about all the different body parts that were in the book.  Next we sang “Head, shoulders, Knees and Toes” many times over and over.  Then we stomped with our “Feet”, clapped with our “Hands”, blinked with our “eyes”,  Jumped with our “legs”,  waved with our “fingers”,  flew around with our “Arms” and turned our “Heads” side to side.  I did a little extra focusing on the head since our craft for today was a Snow Globe with a laminated head shot picture of them in it.  I hope you enjoy them. Then for the remainer of the day I just threw out body part words as the kids were using them.

Here are some photos of them using their body parts, clapping, jumping, dancing etc. And making their Head shot snow globes step by step.  First putting in the gliiter, then their picture and I poured the water.  Then when they were all playing I hot glued the covers, so hopefully they won’t leak and will stay on.  (I couldn’t get the sticky stuff off where the lable was on the jar, hope you can).


First day back from Vacation to a New Playroom

Today was a FANTASTIC DAY!!!! The kids were in awww as they looked around the new play room.  They played with so many things I haven’t seen them play with before. It was wonderful.  The three I had in the morning, S, R, K did a great job of sharing,  playing and even picking up when asked.  All the children played with some of the following: the chalk boards, the white erase board with Magnets, the new rug for cars, sorting shapes, instruments, the kitchen area,The bus, Bean bag toss, tools, Dora & Diego and SO much more. But I have to say that I think one of the BIGGEST (Literally) hits was the addition of the new climber/playhouse.  I took too many pictures, as usual, so they may end up on  I didn’t bother to plan anything for today and may not for this week. I am letting the kids get aquainted to the new play area and where things are located and find all the new activities.  While teaching them as they play. They had a blast today!!

As always, I welcome your comments.


New Daycare Changes (Again)

Hello Parents,

I had a friend, who has been in the business 20 years, come in today and help me rearrrange the Daycare. Not only is it very different colors, it is set up a bit differently, including a large piece of play equipment in the middle of it.  It also has different areas for different activities.  I hope you like it and that the kids really enjoy it.   I still am looking for some educational posters for the walls.  I ordered a set last week.

Please let me know what you think.  Feel free to leave a comment.

  Our new Climber and play house.

 From one Corner of the room.

 Book Shelf, Toy Totes area

 Quiet area for reading and the rug in front can be used for reading books to the kids too.

 Toys and art area.

 Kitchen and Baby areas.

The New Daycare room.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a great new years as well.  As many of you know I have spent my entire vacation (Didn’t plan on it taking that long) renovating the Daycare room. Many thanks to my husband who spent his whole Vacation right there beside me. 

Well, “most” of the room is done, so I wanted to share some photos with you. Besides all the new bright colors, there is a new rug for playing cars on and one other “Big” addition to the playroom.  We bought a climber and put it in the playroom, at least for the winter, if it works out well.  However, it is MUCH larger than we thought from the picture so if ANYONE know if someone trying to get rid of a smaller climber type equipment PLEASE let me know.  I would love to be able to keep something like that in the playroom, but this one is just really big and takes up a lot of play space.

So here are some photos for you.  Before and after.    I welcome your comments…