Reindeer Hats

Small group today ‘E’, ‘M’ & ‘G’.  This morning the kids made Reindeer hats. For the antlers I traced each child’s hands.  I used brown paper, google eyes, cut out a red nose from construction paper and glued in two popsicle sticks to hold the antlers up straight. That’s it. Simple enough, yet the kids loved them and wanted to wear them all morning.


Hands/Foot Reindeer

Today we made Hands/Foot Reaindeers.  We traced our hands and one foot.  We used the foot for the head of our reaindeer and used the hands for the antlers.  I cut out the hands and feets and the children glued the “Antlers” onto their reindeer’s “Head”.  They then glued on the eyes and a big red nose and their reindeers were complete.