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The kids first day with the new online learning program and using the IPADs. They had a lot of fun, while learning. They each have there own accounts so they can move at their own pace and choose the category they want to learn about next. There are shapes, colors, alphabet, numbers, math, spelling, games and so much more for them to work on. They love it.
We spent quite a bit of time outside too. Wow though, it got cold really quickly. So then we headed in for Hot Chocolate.

Another great day!!




Today we moved on to the next letter, “J”. The children did very well. I will post pictures after we are done our craft.
Also, I purchased an online learning program.  Today we made our individual profiles. I am hoping to start using that program very soon. It does require that the children know how to use a Laptop, or possibly and IPAD. This program not only teachers the basics, but has many games, activities and just fun things that will keep the children’s attention. The hard part will be only having one device for the kids to use/share. I am not sure yet what I have gotten myself into. Will keep you posted.

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Valentine’s Day fun


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Our first day back from Vacation went great. Lots of fun, playing, learning, puzzles, coloring and more. It was a day to get back into a routine. We spent quite awhile outside playing in the snow. The kids had a friendly snowball fight, went sledding down the snow bank ( I don’t attempt the BIG hills alone. I wait for my daughter to get home. She pulls the little ones back up the hills). I am SO happy that my two youngest are both doing something new and exciting. One has begun walking and one has mastered the Johnny Jumper.

Another great day! I hope you enjoy the photos.



The Letter “F”

Time for the letter”F”. The kids got out their pre-school workbooks first and began to work on the letter “F”. We started by tracing the letter “”F” many times. Next were two worksheets that the kids had to find the F”s on each page. The directions where to color the “F”s they found a different color. They did great. Next we continued practicing the five letters we had already been working on, “A” , “B” “C” “D” and “E”, on the dry erase boards. I was so proud of them. Once the kids were comfortable with those letters, we spent some time practicing our new letter, “F”. Which, as I had expected, didn’t take a lot of time, because it is so close to the letter “E”. We practiced “F, Fah, Fish” many times, so that they get the sound of the letter and a word that starts with that sound. We worked on an old, but great song- The Alphabet song. Can never do this one TOO much. For a craft we made “Hand print “F”ish. We mixed up RED & YELLOW paint until we achieved the right shade we liked. Next the children’s hands were painted orange and places on a piece of paper. Once dried we added a few details and we had our hand print Fish. Then we remembered that FOOT also begins with “F”. So we mixed GREEN & WHITE paint to get a mint Green. They placed their foot on a plate of paint, then placed it on to a piece of paper. (For the littlest ones I did their hands and feet prints. The best I could anyway, laminated them with the date and name and gave them to the parents). And my youngest is now eating fruits and cereals.

Another fun filled, learning day(s)!!!

Remember, if you don’t see posts soon after each other, we are still learning every single day. And I am not as quick a poster as I used to be. I love to hear my preschools run around saying “A”, Ah, Apple, “B”, Ba, Ball and so on.