Simple Science Day

The kids were looking through some craft and Science books today and came across a couple of experiments they wanted to do.  The first one was simply “How does a Straw work?” And “Make a Medicine dropper.” We used water with food coloring and paper cups. Each child placed their thumb over the top of the straw while it was in the water and lifted it up out of the cup.  They got to see how the water stayed in the bottom of the straw.  Then they slowly released their thumb to let the water out. I actually managed to capture a picture of the water being released.  The second experiment was also simple. We used Baking Soda and white Vinegar.  Each child put spoonfuls of baking soda into their own glass bowl.  Then they used the same straw and filled it (the same way as above) with vinegar.  Next they released the vinegar over the bowl of baking soda and watched what happened next.  As you may have figured out, it created a fizzing effect.