The Sun, Dancing, Building and baby

With the rainy day we are having outside, I decided to brighten it up a little, so the kids each made a Sun.  The children painted a paper plate yellow,  I cut out large triangles from yellow and orange construction paper. Once the paper plates had dried we added the “Rays” of sun to the outsides. The kids each picked out the color pom poms they wanted to use and they each chose their own eyes (just happen to all chose the big ones) for the face.  Then off to the Playroom. There we all danced, sang many educational songs (The Alphabet, Head/shoulder etc), and the kids built towers with the Mega Blocks.  “M”  just welcomed a new baby Nephew into his family.  I have been working with him, by playing with baby dolls, preparation for the new arrival .

                        What NOT to do with a little baby.