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“Structured part of “Pre School”/ Outside Football tossing.

In our “Structured” portion of Pre-School we worked on the letter “F” and counting on Friday. Monday we continued with the letter “F” with a “F”ox. And learning other words that begin with the letter “F” by watching and listening to some pre-school Letter videos. Those really do help quite a bit. For example it helped the children to better understand the sound a Duck makes when they see it and hear it, instead of me attempting to make to correct sounds for all animals etc.  After we were done our fox project we moved on to an entirely different subject all together.  We worked on “Hot & Cold” and what items are which. We identified objects that were hot and some that were cold. Then the fun craft project we worked on was an Ice Cream “Cold” and a Fire “Hot”. The kids clued orange crinkled paper to the fire flames and added Sprinkles to the Ice Cream (the ones that didn’t go in their mouths.)

We played outside right after naps and had even more fun wen the school aged kids got off th buss. My daughter, Gorham’s newest football player, was playing with the kids and teaching them how to pass and catch the football.

Another great day here at Lil’ Caboose. I hope you enjoy these posts and pictures. If so, please leave comments.

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