Paper Mache and our Pet Bunny

Friday November 16th we began our Arts & Craft project.  We, the kids and I, were discussing what they really wanted to do for a craft.  “E” suggested making the Moon. I looked on some craft sites and found that the best Moon would be a Paper Mache moon.  So then I looked up the recipe for the paste/glue and off I went to cut up the news paper into strips.  The kids had a great time dipping the paper into the paste and covering their balloon.  I had them places several layers of paper so they would be strong enough for the painting today (we had to wait for them to dry and they did not dry Friday).  “K” is not here in Friday’s so I made one so she has one to paint too.

Today we painted the Paper Mache “Moons” and each child picked whatever color they wanted to paint it. “E” and “J” picked purple, “K” picked pink and “M” picked blue.  The kids each applied one coat of paint onto their ball/Moon/Sun etc (they kept calling them different things).  We waited for the paint to dry and then we were so involved in playing etc that no body wanted to stop to add an additional coat of paint (So the Newspaper shows through).  But these were their creations.  Also, we brought my daughter’s Bunny outside to get some fresh air in his Playpen. He is a great bunny and the children loved him (Especially the girls). The girls climbed into the playpen (With my daughter) and played with “Snickers” the bunny.

FRIDAY                 MONDAY            My sweet daughter. She loves the kids and the kids love playing with her..    Ask them about the fort.