Holiday Christmas Party 2014

Last week we had our Daycare Christmas party. We had games, crafts, pizza, fruits and lots of sweets (Thank you parents). The kids did their annual gift swap and were quite pleased with their presents.  All but one child were able to stay for the party.  I kept the children into the evening so that the parents could finish up last minute errands, wrapping or just enjoy the extra time.  I got some pictures of the children opening their gifts, but that was difficult with the younger children. And some are just plain camera shy. The party was a great success. To end the evenings we turned off most of the lights and watched a Christmas movie, Santa Paws. Sorry this post is late. Enjoy the pictures. Here’s looking at another great year in 2015.  Thank you all for a wonderful 2014.  I have an incredible group of Families here.


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