(Non) Apple Picking and the Park/Play ground

The day started off with a great plan to take a field trip and go Apple picking.  We loaded up, drove up the road, only to be told that apple “Picking” ended last weekend.  You are only able to buy apples there now. The woman there was nice enough to let us go through the Orchard to see if maybe we could find any apples and take some pictures.  The kids did not find any apples left in the trees, so they picked them off the ground (we did not keep any).  Then they found a large patch of apples on the ground so as a group they all stomped on them.  We went to the open field and they all ran around.  Next I decided since apple picking was not a success we would go to the park.   We drove to the big park in Westbrook and played there for quite awhile.  The kids really enjoyed our fields trips. Remember to see a picture larger, just click on it.  Enjoy.

Heading into the Orchard.     

Stomping the Apples.       Running around the field

Off to the Play ground             

Fly birdies, fly…  I am sweet and innocent 🙂 ha ha