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The State of Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services regularly conducts a child care market rate survey. I use information from the survey regarding Cumberland County to help me set my rates at fair market value. Rates cover the availability of the slot, not the hours actual care is provided for.

Infants (6 weeks to 30 months):

Full Time: $150/week

Per Diem: $40/day

Toddler/Pre School (31 Months to 5 years):

Full Time: $135/week

Per Diem: $35

School Age (5 to 12 years):

Full Time Before/After School care: $75 Week

Per Diem rate: $25.00

(Snow days and public school closure days):$15.00 additional fee for school aged children. $10.00 additional for half day school closures.)

Full Time (Vacation weeks/summer vacation): $125/Week

Kindergarten: Before and after (Gorham has a half day program): $95 Week (Snow days and public school closure days are an additional $5.00 charge)

Full Time (Vacation weeks/summer vacation): $125/Week

Gorham School bus routes:

Location and contact information:


19 Paige Drive

Gorham, ME 04038



Mon – Fri: 6:30AM – 5:30PM



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