Where care is most like home.


Time for the letter “C”. We began our lesson by practicing the two letters we had already been working on, “A” & “B”, on the dry erase boards.  Once we did that for a bit, we grabbed the pre-school books out of their boxes, and began to work on the letter “C”. We started by tracing the letter “C” several times. The activities in the book involved identifying/finding the letter “C” and coloring it a certain color. We worked on learning “C” in three parts, as we do with all letters. “C, Ca, Cat” Letter, sound then a word. Out came the dry erase boards again so we could practice writing the letter “C”.  Again, as with each letter, I begin by making the letter form in dots and having the children connect the dots, then I took dots away until they could make the letter on their own. “C” was more difficult to learn for them then I had anticipated.  For a craft in relation to “C”, we used paper, popsicle sticks, glue, pom-poms and googlie eyes.  The children glued the stick to the paper, the pom-poms to the stick and the eyes to the white pom-pom. There they had their “C”aterpillar”.

After rest we had a lot of outside fun. Running races , swings, pig pile fun, leaf piles and one Mom got involved with “You can’t catch me”, except she did catch him.  Then I did a short photo session with the “P” brothers. So cute.


I hope you enjoy the photos.  I think they reflect our day well.

They are located at:



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