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An AMAZING day here at Lil’ Caboose.  We were on the go from open to close. During the chilly morning hours we played in the Daycare room. So many different activities going on, from Building towers,  playing Cook, Mom, Dad and baby, reorganizing and separating learning materials (my little ones love to help), bean bag playing=jumping on it, and so much more.

We headed outside for more fun which included sidewalk chalk pictures, ride on toys/Climbers, kick ball, lots of fun in the sandbox for ALL of us, running around, bubbles and more.

After lunch and rest, right back outside. I surprised the kids by hanging up a large piece of white paper and putting out paints and brushes. My daughter and her friend were a big help. (I will include a few pictures of their “Project” too.)  The kids had no idea what the surprise was going to be.  They came out of the house with T-shirts on and a lot of questions. I instructed them all to grab brushes and put one brush in each paint color, they followed directions very well. I showed them the large white paper and told them to “Go for it” whatever and where ever they wanted to paint. They had so much fun, I loved just watching them be free with the paint, doing circles, straight lines, wiggly lines, hearts, smile faces, uses their own imaginations. Once it was complete we stood back and looked at it. In the collage we found that, each child painting individually,  but had created pictures by combining (unintentionally) their work with others. We found a Bird, Sea horse, Faces, Tulip, and others saw pictures too.

Another great day.

Pictures can be seen on the facebook page

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