No School/ PaJama Day/ Veteran’s Day

Today was a great day here at Lil’ Caboose.  It was a no School day, which generally means, PAJAMA DAY!!!!!

It was a nonstop, fun activity day.  There was dancing, the kids painted wonderful pictures, using their imaginations. They also played a large variety of games, such as- don’t spill the beans, cooties, hot potato, bendaroos and many more. We even had a breakfast pic nic on the mats in the Daycare room.

Since tomorrow is a day to celebrate our much appreciated Veteran’s, I read a kids version of what Veteran’s day is all about.  Then I put it into words that the kids could understand. I have a child in my care that was affected, sadly, due to a tragedy to a relative in their family, a Veteran.  This child mentioned it several times during our discussion, so we talked about it and they shared with the other children how they was affected.  After which we colored an American Flag as well as a Soldier.

Another all around great day … Enjoy the photos..

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State licensed child care offering care for infants through school age. CPR and First Aid certified. Seperate Daycare room, Large yard on Dead end street, Loose Pre School program, Meals provided. Lots of attention and affection.

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