Where care is most like home.

I have several children that prefer not to have their picture on the BLOG, which is perfectly fine. However, when I have those children with me and we are all together is becomes hard to separate the photos. So what you will see on this BLOG is some of the children riding bikes, a trip to the Library, a trip to the park, playing in the yard etc.

Today KP, RF and JP went to the Library for Pre school time. They listened to some great books about Gardening.  Then we all got to put some dirt in a cup and plant seeds and now we need to take care of them so that we can watch them grow.  There was also playing time as well at the Library. Then we went to the play ground.  Another great day!! Enjoy the pictures..

20140422_115136 20140425_164640 20140425_164706 20140428_094901 20140428_110009 20140429_092201 20140429_092325 20140429_092443 20140429_092959 20140429_093325 20140429_093427 20140429_093455 20140429_100033 20140429_100437 20140429_100539 20140429_100646 20140429_103714 20140429_104032 20140429_104038 20140429_104252 20140429_104353


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