Where care is most like home.

We had a wonderful day. We spend extra time with “Pre-School” today, we just got so involved. The girls each worked on the letter that they are up to, we talked about how words sound alike and did a worksheet on those as well as a worksheet on “what does not belong”. We talked a lot about these worksheets- the colors, shapes, sounds etc. The girls love the different variety of things we are working on and they are learning. “S” had the letter H today, so after we went over the sound of the letter and many words that begin with the letter H I surprised the girls and brought out my daughters “H”ampster.  Then “K” wanted to see the bunny so I brought him out as well. “K” couldn’t wait to pet them and hold them. “S” was fine with the Hampster and a tad bit nervous when the Bunny was brought out. But she saw “K” petting him and holding him and she wanted to as well.  We had a lot of fun playing in the play room after.  Once the after school kids arrived we continued playing and having lots of fun, as you will see. And for a surprise at snack my daughter made everyone hot chocolate. The kids were so excited about that.

And just to add a personal message to one of my kids:  “S”, you did AWESOME today, with you know what”.

IMG_0214 IMG_0220       IMG_0219 IMG_0229IMG_0223 IMG_0221     IMG_0228 IMG_0224IMG_0227 IMG_0225 IMG_0233 IMG_0266 IMG_0265 IMG_0264 IMG_0263 IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0257 IMG_0255 IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0249 IMG_0247 IMG_0246 IMG_0242 IMG_0241 IMG_0239 IMG_0236 IMG_0235


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