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Just a couple during the day today, till after school. One of my pre schoolers is still not feeling well.   So “K” , the baby and I kept busy. We played a lot, did a craft and learned. “K” practiced the letter “V”, as well as swirls and following lines.  But I have to say her favorite part was making the snowman. We used an empty Gatorade bottle, which “K” filed it with cotton balls.  Next she chose the colors of the pom poms (Buttons) she wanted for her snowman, as well as his scarf and hat rim colors.  I did the Hot glue gun, which is a great tool for crafts, but my finger tips seem to get in the way.  Once the school kids arrived we played some more. “L” enjoyed building with Legos, “A” and “J” really enjoyed food and kitchen play, even separating all the plates and cups on the floor.

IMG_0809 IMG_0810   IMG_0816 IMG_0818  IMG_0820 IMG_0814IMG_0813 IMG_0821IMG_0824IMG_0826IMG_0828IMG_0830IMG_0832IMG_0833IMG_0834IMG_0835IMG_0837IMG_0840IMG_0841IMG_0842


Comments on: "Cotton ball Snowman, Pre school, Fun play" (2)

  1. Nicole Presley said:

    Omg that snowman is so cute!! She really enjoys learning!! Of course to me she is such a cute! Your poor Fingers!

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  2. Sheri Martinez said:

    Oh my goodness….Kaci’s snowman turned out so cute!! I love it!!! Thanks again for sharing her day with us!! It’s my favorite few moments to be able to see what she has done!!

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