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Library- Story Time.

Today it was just “K” and I, since two have gone to school full days.  We went to Story Time at the Baxter Memorial Library. It was a lot of fun and “K” loved all the singing we did. There were two books read, one about Bears and one about Autumn and leaves.  Before, after and in between books we sang many songs, Itzy, Bitzy Spider, The Leaves on the Trees (Sounds like wheels on the bus), Alphabet, Colors and many more. Once all the reading and singing was done the children got to do a craft. They traced a large Candy Corn on a piece of black paper, then glued white, yellow and orange small pieces of paper in the correct places.  I am going to try to go to this each Tuesday or Thursday, even as I get more kids enrolled here.  If you know of anyone looking, I do have Openings.

2013-10-15 001 001


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  1. Sheri Martinez said:

    Thank you for giving her so much one on one time!! You are such a valuable part of who she is and I’m so excited to see all that you do with her. (I’m so jealous!!)

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