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Hello Parent:  Since kids are now back in school it is hard to know how to dress for Daycare, especially for the Kindergarten kids.  I wanted to let you all know that we continue to play outside in the morning, before the kids leave for (Kindergarten) school, as well as when they all arrive back here after school. We also use paint, markers, glue etc.  If your child’s clothes, that are meant to be worn to school, are becoming dirty, stained, etc, please feel free to consider sending them with a set of play clothes.

This is the wording from the Handbook.


Please do not send your child to daycare in clothes that would upset you or your child when they get dirty.  An extra set of clothing should be brought to daycare everyday, or you can leave an extra outfit here appropriate for the season, in case of accidents with paint, mud, sand, markers, ect.  Please make sure your child’s name is on each piece of clothing.  During the summer months, we like to be outside as much as possible. Sunscreen, provided by the parent, can be kept here, labeled with your child’s name. You may also bring a bottle daily if you prefer. During the winter months, outside clothes should be provided for your child. We will be going out to play as the much as we can. You may leave outside clothes (ie: snow pants, mittens, hats, gloves..ect) here, labeled with your child’s name, or bring them to daycare daily. Snow boots are also important and should be worn or brought daily. Please remember, if your child is not dressed for outside play, we all may not be able to go outside that day.



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