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Digging for Dollars

We don’t usually name animals aftermoney, but someone did do that with the sand dollar. A sand dollar is a flat, hard, circle-shaped sea creature that does look like an American silver dollar, except for the pretty five-pointed star design on it. The chunkier versions are called sea biscuits or sea cookies, and they’re also related to sea cucumbers, so clearly someone was also hungry when naming these guys. The thing is, you can’t eat a sand dollar, because it isn’t like a mussel or clam where there’s a soft animal inside that you can eat. With sand dollars, that hard circle is the creature!  A sand dollar eats through its mouth, which is a tiny hole in the center of its bottom side, with five very small teeth to chew food just like we do. These hard, thin, circular creatures break easily, though, so if you do find a full sand dollar on the beach, that’s pretty exciting – and that feeling might be worth more than a dollar.

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My Sons Had Fun at Math and Science Camps

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) camps are not only great fun, they’re the preferred type of camp for some kids. In fact, in my family, they’re all the rage. But some people are under the impression that kids only attend math and science when their parents push them to do so.

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