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  1. We had moved the Daycare fish to the smaller tank, because it would be easier to clean. THEN I read up on it and it isn’t good for them.  SO, the kids and I decided that we would set up the Big tank again. Well, while we were out back of the Daycare room (just outside the sliding doors) someone turned the hose on, which was already INSIDE of the Daycare room waiting for us to get back with the tank TO fill. So, we had a mini flood.  The floor and carpets got soaked on one side of the room. We moved all the toys etc from one side of the room to the other and out the sliding doors, very quickly. I spent a good amount of time with the shop Vac sucking up water and now the fans are blowing on everything and the dehumidifier is on full blast.  All that to accomplish this:
    Fish Tank New location June 12 2013 001

Comments on: "MOVING THE FISH TANK (FLOOD)" (1)

  1. Sheri Martinez (Kaci's Auntie) said:

    Love the fish tank!!! (Sorry for all the mess….but love how it turned out!!)

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