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Field Trip today

Since the Librarian did not show up to see us this past Wednesday, we surprised her and went to see her today.   She was very sorry she forgot about us.  We did schedule the next two visits while we were there, April 10th and May 15th (The last one until October).

I also learned that the Library is open to Daycare’s and preschools on Monday and  Wednesday mornings (But not to the public) to do reading time, crafts etc, so we will be taking advantage of that at times.  In the summer on Thursdays (They think) there will be a lot of fun things going on at the Library inside and out that we will take advantage of as well.

The most exciting thing I learned was that this coming Tuesday March 26th, there will be Goats at the Library for children to pet and feed and learn about.  At this time, I am planning to take the children. I think they would love this.

I will update these dates on the BLOG as well, but please keep these things in mind and mark them down as well.


Comments on: "Field Trip today" (1)

  1. Sheri Martinez (Kaci's Favorite Aunt) said:

    How fun!! I’m so excited to see these kinds of opportunities for Kaci and the other kids. Can’t wait for the pics of her and the goats!

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