Where care is most like home.

Today the kids made Paper Turkeys. I would usually use paper plates for this craft, however, I did not have plain white plates. Instead we used card stock paper (Stronger).  The kids all colored their “Feathers” with the fall colors (We went over the colors), and the body Brown. Once the paint had dried the kids put the faces on their turkey body.  Then I made a slit down each side of the turkey and the kids placed their “Feathers” into the slits.  And there they had their Turkeys.  We then went outside for play. When we came back in we did some more games, like Ring around the turtle (the kids made this one up. And we also played Musical chairs many times, as well as dancing for quite awhile. I want to apologize for not having as many photos but my camera was really acting up today and would not always focus.



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