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“B” is for Bat

The first thing we did today was “E” made his own placemat, like all the other kids had done before. Then for “school/craft time” we worked on the letter “B”.   The pictures you see are of their final “B”. They did great. Yes Moms, I did help “K” and “M”with theirs, ha ha.  We will practice that one some more as it is more difficult than “A”.  Next we moved onto our craft in relation to the letter “B”.  We painted a “body” in the middle of the paper, then everyone painted their hands black and placed one hand on each side of the “Body” to create a Bat.  We added ears and put eyes on to create our “Bat Hands”. Hope you enjoy them as much as the kids did making them.  Oh, and I can’t forget we hada visit from Pumpkin Head today.. So cute…

              One little guy was shy…     


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