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“A” is for Alligator

We are continuing to work on the letter “A”.  Today I read a finger play story so we did the motions, it was simply called “The Alligator”. It involved making a snap motion with our hands, like an alligators mouth, smack sound, like the Alligator smacks his tail, and feet stamping as the Alligator crawls away.  We were “going to” practice the letter “A” some more on our dry erase boards. BUT. when I asked “E” and “J” to show me what they remembered from our last practice with “A”, they did it ALL BY THEMSELVES (see pictures)!!!!  I am soo PROUD AND HAPPY OF/FOR THEM!!! .  So, I just showed “K” & “M” on the dry erase board/Chalk board a few times.  I also showed “E” and “J” the first letter of their names.  Then our “A” craft for today was to make an Alligator. We used paper towel rolls, covered them in green paper then cut them in half.   Then cut a “V” shape out on two sides to make the mouth.  Next the kids glued on the eyes and legs.  Glue is always tricky to work with.



Comments on: "“A” is for Alligator" (1)

  1. Tracy ("E's") Mommy said:

    I’m so proud of my boy 🙂 Great job to all of you on your A’s

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