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Songs, playing outside

When we first went outside I had a song in my head that I knew as a child.  I ended up singing it and the girls loved it.  They kept asking me to sing it again and again and to teach them. So I decided that we would sing a bunch of songs and see how far we got as far as learning them. By the way, the song that was in my head was “Little Bunny foo foo” you will see them learning it at the picnic table. Also, Head, shoulders, knees and toes was another you will notice as they were on the grass.  Once we did songs for about 45 minutes it was free fun play time.  And fun they all had. Riding bikes/cars, swinging, sandbox, Playhouse, kitchen etc, etc. And look who is on the BIG swing, “M”!!  Not for too long as you can see he showed me that he wanted to get in the smaller swing, which I moved him to.  Lunch and back outside.  Then in for naps.   I somehow took 91 pictures so I need to weed some out before I post them (Then I will post more than I planned to anyway) there are just so many cute ones..


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