Where care is most like home.

Today we got creative. I decided to let the kids all help me make Homemade Clay. “J” poured in 4 cups of flour, “M” poured in the 1 cup of salt and “K” poured in the 3 cups of water (we ended up needing a lot more flour then the recipe called for so it wouldn’t be sticky).  I added some Green food coloring, a color the kids all agreed on. Then each child took a turn stirring the clay until it became too hard for them to stir anymore (Great motor skills activities- pouring and stirring, then playing with the dough).  I gave them all some clay to play with and make anything they wanted. They loved the squishy feeling it has. While they were doing that I was begining the surprise gift for the parents. I was making circles of clay so that each child could make their hand prints (I didnt get pictures of that process as they each needed my help). They were all very cooperative with making their hand prints.  Then off to the oven the hand prints went to cook and harden.  We then moved outside to play on the new climbing structure (I got a second 8 in 1 climber set and combined the two together). Double the fun and slides. Then off to then sandbox, tool bench, swings, trucks etc.. There are a couple picture of “M”crawling through the tunnels in the climber, unfortunatly he was wearing dark blue so he didn’t show up real well.  We had snack outside and stayed out until lunch as it was calling for rain this afternoon.

             HERE IS THE PARENT’S SURPRISE!!! Hope you like them.

Now to our outside fun and playing..                           


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