Where care is most like home.

We had a very busy and fun filled day today.  We made hand prints using Finger paint which the kids loved because Finger paint=messy.  Then the kids were really excited to use paint and brushes to create a picture.  I put colors of paint on a plate and we talked about the colors and an example of what matches each color (Red=Apple).  Once we went back down to the play room it was dress-up time. The kids enjoyed this very much, as well as many other activities.  We had 1 Fire Fighter, 2 Witches,  2 Superman, 3 Mr. Potatoe Head (Glasses) and 1 Safari person.   AND, we got to go out this afternoon!!  We also have a visitor for 2 weeks “C” who is 5 and in Kindergarten.  He is not on the BLOG however.


We were outside playing for the afternoon. We played “Airplane” and they wanted to keep going, I was getting dizzy (ha ha) (“K”s Dad can atest to that), so the kids continued on their own.  It was so nice to be outside after the rain yesterday and this morning.  “J” has worked all summer on her swinging and now can pump all by herself. “M” has mastered climbing the slide ladders and is doing great progressing to a regular cup. “K” is talking so well and has a really large Vocabulary, it is like talking to a “Big” person.  I adore all “my” kids.



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