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Today we worked on Colors and Shapes. We also worked on fine motor skills using “Bed Bugs” and an Ice cube tray.  We read three books that all talked about colors, two were Winnie the Pooh and one was about “things we do”.  K played the Color/Shape matching game and did very well.  Then she played with Bed Bugs and the plastic tweezers.  I gave K an Ice cube tray.  The goal was to pick up the Color bed bugs with the tweezers and drop them into the ice cube tray.  It was difficult for her to keep the tweezers open long enough to pick up a bug. She did do it a couple of times though. Some of the bugs she just wanted to drop into the tray by hand. Which was fine, she still had to pinch them to pick them up.



Comments on: "Color Books, Colors/Shapes and Bed Bugs" (2)

  1. Nicole Presley said:

    Great pictures as always, thanks these always brighten my day. I’m really grateful for all you do with her. Tonight we played a matching game with pictures..she did great got them all!!

    • Oh that is wonderful. She is a smartie.. I bet she loved playing the match game with you guys. I love working and playing with Kaci.. Love it!

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