Where care is most like home.

A whole new week, after a week of school Vacation.  It was pretty busy here last week.   Today we did a couple of “experiment” projects and one just for fun craft.  I purchased and recieved a few new books, mostly science books so I looked through them to see what we could do.  Today our first experiment involved “Amplifiers”.  We used Balloons for this experiment.  I blew up the balloons and gave one to each child.   Then, I had them hold the balloon beside their heads, near their ear and had them gentley tap on them.   What the idea of this was for the kids to notice that the sound they were hearing was much louder then just their tapping sound.   The reason for this is because the air inside the balloon is tightly compressed.  When air is compressed inside a confined space the air becomes a better conductor of sound waves then ordinary air.

Our second “experiment” today was making colors out of other colors.  So I got out all the basic paint colors (Red, Blue, Yellow & Green) and spread some of each other on its own plate.  I asked the kids what colors they wanted to try to make.  The chosen colors were purple and Orange.  As I would expect E & L were the closest at figuring out the correct colors to use to make those two colors.  So I put Red and Yellow on one plate and Blue and Red on another and let E & L stir them together to see what would happen.  As we expected the kids made the two colors they had wanted to make.   We also discussed the colors I have from the Paint sample cards.  Then, I thought they should get to use the paint, so I got out the sponges and let them go at it Sponge painting.  One color per sponge and as you will see they did a great job.



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