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Valentines/PJ Party

  Today we had our Valentine’s party and everyone wore their PJs, including me.  We played and we all danced and acted silly with the music (actually it was to the Wii game “Just dance”).  We also made several crafts.  The kids  decorated a craft Heart and a door hanger with their picture on it.  Then I had them each use a laminating pouch and place red and pink squares of tissue paper inside.  Then I ran it through the laminater and cut them out in the shape of a heart.  These look great as sun catchers (I believe I have a hole punch if you want to punch a hole in the top).  We played toss with the bean bags, which didn’t go as planned, as you will see, ha ha.  We had the Movie Shrek the 3rd as well and ate a different type of popcorn, with no kernels.  Naturally we also opened our Valentine cards. 

We had pizza for lunch with punch, cookies,  and other sweets and treats.  A huge Thank you to the parents that helped me out with the food and treats.  And it goes without saying that I took too many pictures to post on the BLOG, again.  And now I am exhausted,  phew!



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