Where care is most like home.

Today we made our Valentine Envelopes for our party tomorrow (To hold our Valentine’s).  As you know we are having our party one day late in order to include everyone (Don’t forget your PJ’s)..  I started with pieces of color construction paper, cut them into circles.  Then I cut paper plates in half to make the actual envelope part. The kids first wanted to decorate their holders then put them together.  They did some coloring and put some Valentine stickers on them.  Then we staples the half paper plate to the color paper and there we have our Valentine’s envelopes for our party and PJ day tomorrow.  I put their names on them after the picture was taken and posted, as not to post their names on here.

Then we played a game of finding the right Flash Card picture.  I only had three little ones here at the time, and they had a great time.  They got so excited when they found the correct card.  Once they found the card we went over what the letter and sound was.



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