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Hello Parents:     There will be TWO Posts on here today, this is the first one.

Today didn’t quite work out as I had it planned, in my mind, but that is okay, it still involved a lot of fine motor skills.

First we talked about and went over shapes several times. Then I gave each child a Bead picture maker (small plastic shape with little stems sticking up to put the beads into) and the tray of beads.  The kids did really well putting the tiny beads onto some of the stems, but then there became a point where they were taking a handful and just putting those beads on top of the Picture maker in a pile.  What I envisioned happening, in my head, was that after they added as many beads that they wanted to, I would place wax paper over the top and iron the beads so that they melted and you would have a picture to take home. But what happened was, each child dumped their tray of beads so we had nothing to iron and they had had enough.  Again, it was great fine motor skill practice for them.

Had lots of fun with all the colors of beads.



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