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Circles and Marble Painting

Today we read the book “My First Shapes” and then concentrated on the Circle.  I showed several items that were round and showed the children how it was round and that is what makes it a circle.  Then I showed them the marbles we were about to use for our craft today, as they were also round.  One child, E, demonstrated how she could make her watch band into a circle.  Then I got a box cover, card stock paper, the marbles and paint.  We placed the paper into the box cover, each child chose the paint colors they wanted,  we added the paint to the paper, then we added the Marbles to the box.  The next step each child did was to move the box in all directions so that the marbles would go through the paint and this created pretty abstract art paintings.  The kids thought this was a lot of fun.  As the day moved on out came the shape sorter, so we went over all of the shapes, several times.



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